How to Turn Your iPhone Into a Real Pro-Camera

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 Many people are rightfully dubious about just how close in iPhone is going to come to a professional camera. But some Smartphones have a 13MP camera inside them. The day is approaching where images that are shot will be far better quality that that which Smartphones can project on the screen. Maybe it isn’t possible for an iPhone to achieve the same types of shots as a professional camera. Or maybe it is just easier with a professional pro-camera. Here are a few things you can buy, install or do, in order to take shots that are a little closer to a real pro-camera image.

Stabilization of the object

There are several ways to bring the iPhone pictures up to standard, and the easiest way is with a tripod and other stabilization systems. For the iPhone 4 and 4S you can try the Belkin LiveAction handle, handle with a screw that ensures a good grip. It also has a shutter button for the camera and a second for the video. It is a pity that these buttons only work with the dedicated software “LiveAction”. Sadly, the Belkin LiveAction is not yet compatible with the iPhone. Regarding the tripod, you should really try the little “Octopus”. They come in different sizes and can be easily hung upon just about anything, from a tree to a door.


Software powered image stabilization

Automatic settings of the iPhone are quite fickle and often give the image a feeling of being moved. To stop this, the trick is to block such settings from changing automatically, and to set them when they are in the correct position. Apps that comes with the Camera, allow you to simply tap the screen and press it for about 2 seconds to lock the settings. On the bottom of the screen, you can see the “lock Æ / AF.”

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App powered image stabilization

Another solution is to get the software for 4 CHF “filmic Pro” (on iTunes). This app allows you to adjust the settings and image parameters separately. It also offers a choice of file sizes and resolutions that allow you to double the potential quality of the image relative to the hardware. To send files, “filmic Pro” provides a direct link with social media. The App also includes a digital stabilizer, and a VU meter for sound control. There is no manual adjustment of volume or limiter.

For recording sound like a professional

You can buy a small Belkin microphone that attaches to the headphone jack. The Belkin is clearly better than the internal mic of the iPhone. The internal mic is insensitive and omnidirectional, whereas the Belkin insulates noise sources and has better dynamics.

Lenses are not currently available

Apple has not yet produced a lens that can attach to an iPhone. This may be because a lens will not function correctly on an iPhone, or because there is not enough of a demand for one. The most probable reason is due to the fact that it maligns the quality of their already installed lens. It would be like offering to stretch a second drum skin over your current drum kit.

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If you do want a lens then you will have to look towards a third party manufacturer, although why a regular lens cannot simply be attached over the camera is unknown (with that said, it would be difficult to attach without sticky tape or glue).

Using the Procamera App

Procamera is undoubtedly one of the best applications photos and videos available on iPhone. It allows you to easily turn your iDevice into a semi-professional device that gives access to various settings that would otherwise be impossible to change. If you like taking photos and videos, you can turn your iPhone into a high-resolution camera. Procamera is a benchmark in its field, the application has received particular attention for its design and has a very intuitive interface.

Procamera offers a lot of features and utilities to help you configure your shots. The application also offers a very successful scanner to scan DataMatrix and EAN codes. It is an extra perk that you can use at will.

The Procamera App features allow you to take professional shots

A long press on the release button allows you to take photos without interruptions. You have the ability to configure the flash of your iPhone or iPad. It allows you to conduct data recording in line with real dates and times in addition to geolocation. You are given the ability to view photos and videos on a map–based on location data from your GPS. There is a Digital Zoom mode that goes to HD resolution x6, and a zoom mode for HD video in real time to maintain its good picture quality.

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The app has advanced sharing functionality on social networks such as Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and Dropbox. It allows you to batch together your images and create albums online. In expert mode, you may have precise control over each setting, such as focus, exposure and white balance control.

It has a mode or virtual horizon display alignment grid and a photo and video stabilizer anti-shake function. You also have the possibility for delaying the onset of a shoot in order to make a group photo. You are able to press the volume button on your iPhone or your headphones to take photos or trigger a recording. You may also save your battery using the Eco shooting function.

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