How to Turn your Phone into a Baby Monitor

It is pretty obvious that every mom, dad or nanny owns a smartphone. These are the phones we use for video calling via What Sapp, Skype, Facebook, and other social platforms. Did you know that that smartphone of yours can double up as a baby monitoring tool? Apparently, that is very possible and very easy. Everyone would want that assurance that the kid is safe sleeping or toying somewhere in the room. You should not scratch your head. Instead, turn to your smartphone for a solution. Just like the way you use your phone to connect with your loved ones via video call, you can also monitor your baby while still attending to your chores thanks to the many apps available to aid this. This is intuitive to be able to use smartphones to keep an eye on your kid/s.

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Using your phone as a baby monitor can have very good benefits. This enables outdoor parents to stay on the loop about their kids anywhere anytime. New moms and dads tend to be sleep-deprived before they get accustomed to parenting. Having a phone to monitor their babies can be of great relief.

More so, many parents will be concerned with what happens when their babies are in nurseries. This is a serious worry considering cases of baby monitors hacks. There are many baby monitor accounts which should enable you to stream everything safe if you are using a protected network. This can be enhanced by employing basic security like password protecting your wireless network and using less obvious passwords.

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That aside, let’s see how you can turn your smartphone into a baby monitor. All you need is your iPhone or your Android phone. I shall take you through how to do it in for both Android and iPhone.

Using your Android device

You will need to have two Android phones or a tablet or a phone and a monitor. For the monitor, you can just use your laptop for that. The setup will take just five minutes and then you are done.

This works pretty familiarly just like Skype, Google Duo or Google hangouts which we normally use to make a video call.

How to do it using Skype.

Skype is one of the most popular applications for video calling and video conferencing. The good thing about Skype is that it is both computer-based and phone based. Furthermore, it is supported by both Android and iOS which is very good for our case.

Place your phone in a strategic place in your baby’s room. Ensure that at that particular position the camera of your smartphone is capable of capturing the entire room.

Initiate a connection with your second phone. You can either do it by initiating a video call to your second smartphone suing Skype.

O your monitor laptop or the other smartphone you are using for monitoring, accept the video call. Now you should see your baby sleeping or doing whatever it is doing.

You can reduce the volume of the camera phone but you should not mute it. This should enable you to hear if your baby cries and your eyes are off the monitor

Make sure the camera phone gives you a good view of the crib and the baby, not a partial view.

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Using the Duo App

Just like the Skype Duo app will cost you nothing. Primarily the app is used for video chat but one can improvise and use it for baby monitoring. It is available for Android and iOS devices.

To turn your smartphone to a baby monitor you will need to have your smartphone and another monitor device. It can be another phone, tablet or PC. What you need to do is to initiate a video chat on your devices. Use one device as the baby station and the second device as the parent monitor station.

Using Baby Monitor 3G App

There are tons of Android apps in the Google app store tailored for baby monitoring. Some are even compatible with both iOS and Android like Nancy Baby Monitor.

Also, our Baby Monitor 3G app is compatible with iPhones and Android phones. This can be a good alternative if you decide to use the phone of your spouse android phone as the monitor and your iPhone as the camera.

This application software enables you to live video feeds from your kid’s room. It also enables you to hear your baby with a vibration alert feature. On the other side, the baby will be able to hear your voice preventing him or her from crying. After the entire mom is around.

How it works

Download and install a baby monitor app on your iPhone or Android phone. The app stocks at 3.99 US dollars a cool price for tight budgets.

The initial setup will take around 30 minutes. After you purchase the app you will be provided with a nine-digit code. Enter the code on the bay and parent’s station and you are good to go.

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Use your smartphone to monitor your baby and transmit the video and audio feeds using cellular data or Wi-Fi to the parent’s station which is the monitor or another smartphone.

The application allows for multi-parent support. This implies that multiple parents can monitor their kids simultaneously.

With your android or apple device, check out for Baby monitor 3G. All the information and communication are well protected by standard encryption. The app also enables one to monitor internet stability.

Using Nancy Baby Monitor on your Smartphone.

Download and install Nancy Baby Monitor on both devices. The parent station and the baby station.

Launch the camera on your phone and select the baby icon. This should be on the baby station.Tap the parent icon on the monitor device. A number should appear from the camera device.

After the pairing process is complete, on the monitoring device the video should appear. Remember to select the video tab and adjust features such as motion detection. After you have selected the video tab, reduce the volume on the camera device but do not mute the device completely to keep the audio feed available.

Now place your phone facing the crib and the baby. Ensure the phone is located in a place where it can’t be knocked and can enable you to have a view of the crib and the baby.

To make sure that the video feed is maintained, it is good to ensure your phone has enough charge. Alternatively, you can have it connected to a power bank or any other power supply to ensure the battery doesn’t run low.

The best thing about using your phone for baby monitoring is constant access. This is very possible as long as both the devices are charged and they are within the network range in case you are using Wi-Fi. For those using cellular networks can monitor their babies from anywhere at any time.

All the above options will ensure a sleep-deprived parent can at least take an afternoon nap with less fear. With your smartphone keeping an eye on the baby notifying you when the baby moves or cries, you as a parent or you don’t have to worry much.