How to Turn Your Smartphone Into a Hidden Camera

There are many reasons that can force you to require a hidden camera in your home. The main aim is to have secret footage where other people don’t know that the camera exists. Basically, a hidden camera is a spy camera. It lets you keep an eye on something without necessarily being there and making sure that other parties don’t know of the camera and the recording.

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You might have to finance the need for a hidden camera especially if you chose to go for on-shelf products. Your paranoia may force you to buy expensive spy gadgets to help you keep an eye on something or someone. If you have a limited budget, fear no more. You don’t have to spend soo much money to buy fancy and expensive spying devices. If you have a smartphone, you can turn it into a hidden camera and avoid spending. It is pretty cheap and easy to set up.

What you need

  • Your smartphone with the old one as a good alternative
  • A charger to ensure the phone doesn’t go off
  • Mounting device. A tripod is a good choice
  • Strategic positioning

Steps To Turn Your Smartphone Into a Hidden Camera

Step 1 Get your smartphone

Definitely, the first thing you will need is a smartphone. A smartphone is a very important and powerful device. Depending on the make of your phone, storage, ram and other advanced features, you can handle advanced digital tasks form the palm of your hand. If you chose to use your smartphone as a hidden camera, ensure that your device is at a good state and the camera and other features are good and intact. In most cases, you may need around the clock video record. in that case, you will need to connect your phone to a power supply. This implies placing your phone at a place where you can easily connect it to a power supply.

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Your old smartphone can also be a good alternative. On average, after every two years, average income earners will upgrade to the recent smartphone makes. If you don’t dispose of by selling at a low price, this will leave you with old smartphones which can prove to be useful for home security. Instead of leaving your old smartphone idle in the cabinet, you can easily turn it to a hidden camera and save you the expenses of buying expensive spy gadgets.

Step 2 Where and how to position your smartphone.

Well, if you want your smartphone to serve as a hidden camera, then it should be positioned in a disguised place or totally hidden from direct vicinity.

Being discrete is important if you want your phone to remain secret and hidden. This will involve placing the smartphone somewhere it cannot be easily seen. For instance;

  • Above the door. Mostly when we enter our rooms, we hardly take a look at what is above the door since literally there is nothing. This would serve as a strategic place to place a hidden camera smartphone.
  • Cube walls. This may seem odd as your smartphone may be easily visible. Cube wall shelves are primarily designed for decoration. It is highly unlikely someone to think that a smartphone placed on a cube wall shelve is serving as a hidden camera since after all it is not hidden. Banking on that, this could also be a perfect place for your secret camera recording.
  • The ceiling. Because of more sensitive security reasons, you might want to be absolutely discreet. In that case, its good to chose the ceiling for your hidden camera. High chances are that those who don’t know about the camera will never know. This may involve drilling a hole somewhere on the ceiling board that will ensure the lens have a view of the room. Alternatively, you can mount the smartphone on the ceiling camera facing downwards. This will give a perfect view of the room from above.
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What to check when placing your hidden camera

A hidden camera is used to keep an eye on our homes. It is good to place them strategically to ensure maximum results and also to enhance the quality of the recordings. There are things that you should consider when positioning the hidden camera.

Secure place. Always ensure that your smartphone is secure from knocks. Place it somewhere kids cannot hit it when playing or knock it down accidentally. If you place your phone on a low-placed wall cube shelve, you might just have a broken phone at the end of the day.

Wide view. If the position allows for a wide view, then you can capture a lot in the vast area covered.

Step 3 Getting the app

There are tons of application which will help you in recording secret videos. Most of them are published for free on google play store. For iOS devices, there are applications that will get the job done too pretty well. The choice first will depend on your device, whether it is Android or iOS and also your pocket damage. In this article, we chose to use the Alfred security camera app.

When choosing your application, ensure you get that you get one that meets your needs. There are applications equipped with motion detection features that might prove important. Also, others will come with the ability to stream the videos on vlc and youtube from wherever you are.

Best Smartphone Apps for Security Camera

AtHome Camera – phone as remote monitor – Android and IOS

You will receive a push notification with animated GIF images when detects humen from video streams , much more accurate than traditional motion detection.

Are you going to buy expensive Nest camera or Dropcam and take a lot of energy to build a CCTV system?Why not turn your old iphone, computer or set-top box into security cameras? You only have to install “Athome Video streamer (AVS) “APP in them. With “Athome Camera APP on another iphone, you can view them anywhere, and receive alerts right away in case of any incident.

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ManythingAndroid and iOS

Manything stands for Monitor Anything…and that’s exactly what you can do with our app!

Manything lets you give a spare smartphone or tablet a new lease of life – just download the Manything app on your spare device to turn it into an instant home security camera. 

How does it work?

All you have to do is install the application in two devices. One should act as the camera and the other one as the monitor station. After you have installed the app in both of your devices, create a connection. The application makes it easy for you since you don’t necessarily need to have a wifi connection. Alfred works well with 3G and 4G connections.

Alfred security app is available for Android and iOS devices. The application will detect motions and send instant prompts on your phone wherever you are.

After the creation has been made, test if the feed can be streamed on your monitor device. If all is good, install your smartphone on the strategic place depending on the area or room you want to be monitored.

If you want to place your hidden camera above the main entrance door, it is good to use a phone mount. This would ensure that the smartphone is firmly held and cannot fall in case the door is banged hard.

After everything is set, customize the video quality. The app comes with enhanced brightness of up to 720 pixels of High Definition video.

With improved person detection and enhanced motion detection, Alfred security app greatly turns your smartphone into a perfect hidden camera.

Now you can turn to your monitor station and view the live footage. The capability of Alfred security app to connect using 3G and 4G cellular networks will make it easy for you if you don’t have a wifi connection. The feeds can be viewed from anywhere on your mobile device. You can also connect the hidden camera with your PC or Mac making the monitoring better. Apart from making your smartphone a good hidden camera, Alfred Security app will help you keep an eye on your loved ones. This implies that you can also use it as a baby monitor app making it more diversified.