Stats and Income for December 2012

This is the third month since is up and it has technology articles published on it, the results are better then expected and last month was real great for the site. The numbers of articles published on  the site reached 60 which is also great.

This month I am planing to publish more then 20 articles about tech and other great things. Below is last month report.

Traffic and other metrics:

  • Posts Published: 27 ( +6)
  • Site Visits: 2,563 (+1,800)
  • Unique Visitors: 2,228 (+1,500)
  • Page Visits: 3,695 (+2,000)
  • Search Engine Visits:  1,692 (+1,337)

The traffic from last month had a spectacular increase and I am really happy to see this. I hope that this month I will have also an increase and the site visitors to reach more then 3000.


This month I have added adsense on my site because the visitors have reached more then 1000 unique ones, so starting this month some earning will be seen.

  • Amazon: 26 $
  • Adsense: 0.87$
  • Total: 26.87 $
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This month is the first one that I have made an income with this site. I have putted some work on this site and I hope that in the future more income to come from this site. See you next month.