Stats & Income Report: April 2013

For a long time I haven’t done any stats on but now come the time to start again with the traffic stats and the income that done. The site has under 6 months but it has already started to produce a decent amount of traffic an income. Most of the traffic comes from search engines but also from some referrals. I haven’t struggled to build many link to just some comments. Below are the stats that the site has:

Traffic Stats

Traffic has been good this past months and started to climb because of the increasing number of posts and the promotion of some posts with comments, below is an image to see how the traffic is structured.

husher_april traffic

  • Posts: 8
  • Site Visitors: 6.024
  • Page Visits: 7.462
  • Search Engines Visitors: 3.866

The stats are not bad at all, but next month I would like to increase the stats and maybe I will be able to get more then 7.000 visits. Below is an image with the traffic more structured:

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husher_april traffic_2

The top pages visited in April are the ones below:

husher_april pages

Overall the traffic and the stats are quite good and I hope that it will continue to grow.

Income Stats

Income was quite good this month, currently I am monetizing this blog with Amazon and Adsense, below is the list with the income for last month:

  • Amazon: 201.14$
  • Adsense: 17$
  • Total: 218.14 

Currently this are the only two income sources for this blog in the future I am planing to extend them and see if they will increase.


See you next month!