Illumination with Solid State Lighting (SSL) – The Revolutionary Combination of LEDs

Today, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have gained quite a lot of importance as these little lights indicate things such as whether or not oven is hot, monitor is on, or phone is off-the-hook. High power LEDs are not the same as the indicator LEDs and this difference has become lot clearer now. Solid State Lighting (SSL) is a phenomenon that makes use of such LEDs, but not in the traditional way; let’s learn more about illumination with solid state lightning in this informative post.


What is Solid State Lighting?

SSL is a kind of lighting that makes use of semiconductor LEDs, Polymer LEDs (PLED), and Organic LEDs (OLED), as illumination sources instead of plasma (used in fluorescent lamps), gas or electric filaments.

Solid state in SSL means the light produced by solid-state electroluminescence as against thermal radiation in incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes. SSL produces visible light when compared to incandescent lighting with parasitic energy dissipation or decreased heat generation. Most of the common white LEDs out there transform blue light emitted from a solid state device to a virtual spectrum of white light by using the same principle as in the typical fluorescent tubes called photoluminescence.

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Working Principle

The fundamental theory being light emission here, and that is – when charge carrier pairs rejoin in a semiconductor with a suitable energy band gap produces light. In a diode that is forward biased, very less recombination takes place in the depletion layer, mostly occurring in few microns of either N region or P region based on which is lightly doped.

LEDs generate narrow band rays with a wavelength that is determined by the semiconductor’s energy band.

Solid state electronics have substituted their vacuum tube precursors for nearly 5 decades. In the near future, they are expected to be more inexpensive, efficient, and brighter enough to substitute the typical lighting sources like fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs.




Applications for illumination with solid state lighting involves usage in modern automobile lights, traffic lights, parking lot lights, remote controls, alphanumeric or color video displays, train marker lights, etc.

It is also envisaged to offer a range of promising applications in the medical illumination field, including surgical theater lighting, dental surgeries, and Photodynamic therapy.

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Medical diagnostics is one more area that has been experiencing continual benefits from solid state lighting in fields like genomic sequencing, offering great societal benefits. These lighting devices also find applications in photosynthesis and optical measurements.

Since illumination with solid state lighting offers many advantages like considerable reduction in cost factor, enhanced efficiency of light generation and extraction, and enhanced light quality, it is the most sought-out source for all lighting needs in the modern era.

In a nutshell, it is important to understand that solid state lighting is an ultimate illumination source and further developments can bring about a massive change in this field, which can even bring down the overall energy consumption requirements and turn out to be a groundbreaking achievement in the technological progress made during this century.

So far, solid state lighting arrangements have turned out to be quite a promising alternative to the traditional lighting systems, and proved to be far more efficient, and lot less expensive than their counterparts. But, this time the difference would be far more obvious than a transit from bulb to a CFL or LED, so no points for guessing that these lighting systems may turn out to be the mass-scale solutions for everyday usage across millions of homes over the next few years, should all the things be sorted out perfectly, and all industrial developments be carried out successfully as planned.

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