In Which Ways Technology Expedites the Divorce Process

Thanks to the advances made in the world of technology, people now can buy groceries, search for jobs, book hotels, build relationships, and so forth through the many Internet tools. And if for some reason or other, their marriages don’t work out, they can get divorced online, too. But when you are going to get a divorce, can an online company substitute face-to-face interaction? Based on the growing number of divorces obtained on the Web, the answer to this question is “Yes.”

People started getting divorced as soon as they started getting married; however, as time goes on, technology is changing the way people obtain divorces today a lot. Nowadays, divorces can be both researched and notarized on the Net, depending on the states they are filed in. At the very minimum, Internet tools have greatly minimized the time one needs to communicate with an attorney and court. Read on to find out in which ways the Internet can speed up divorce in the Age of Information.

Online Research

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It has never been that easy to learn about all the ins and outs of a dissolution of marriage as it is today. Looking for a counsel, getting a better understanding of divorce proceedings, and estimating costs can happen on the Net. An unlimited amount of information that exists on the Net will give you the needed knowledge so that you can do your paperwork and file it with a few clicks of a button.

Let us say, you will need to know how long you and your partner have been residents of the state you are going to file in. If you are going to obtain an uncontested divorce, meaning that you two can find common ground, you can learn from many Internet resources how to separate your debt or assets and how to come up with a child support plan with ease so that you don’t have to spend extra time and money on finding and hiring a legal counsel.

Online Divorce Forms

What divorcing people like most about the advanced techs is that they allow them to access each and every divorce paper form with ease online. Each state requires specific forms, so people either have to visit their local courts to get the necessary forms or can print them off on the Net. The latter option is less timeconsuming with no doubt.

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Divorce Websites

Even though people can access the needed forms on the Web, far not all of them are willing to fill out them off their own bat. Your divorce packet should be complete, and all the documents should be free of errors; otherwise, your paperwork may be rejected by the court. Even the smallest slip can cost you a lot, not to mention the time you will need for redoing your docs. Lucky for you, there are many websites, like, which deliver online preparation services. As soon as you land one, you will be asked to create a profile, provide answers to a few questions, and wait until your paperwork is done and sent to you by email or so. Even though these services are offered for a fee, obtaining them is a cheaper and faster alternative to hiring a lawyer indeed.

Social Media Evidence

Whatever you do or tell on social networking sites is stored on the Internet forever, and courts can access this info in no time and use it as evidence. From now on, they need less time to dig up some dirt on you or your partner. If this is evidence against your partner, then count yourself lucky. However, if this is something against you, then face the consequences! Keep the said in mind and never post anything provocative on your social media pages.

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Searching for Hidden Assets

Very often, spouses tend to claim no income so that they can ask for more pay in spousal/child support. By employing specific research tools, people don’t need much time to trace the assets that may be hidden by their spouses.


Advanced technology has essentially cut the time people need to end their marital relationships on paper. Today, the couples, who are going to obtain a quick divorce, can do their paperwork and file it much faster than they would do without the Internet. Unfortunately, when it comes to social media, one can say that the Web tools didn’t only speed up the process but also made it messier in some way. Nevertheless, if you qualify to get divorced online, Web tools can save you much time.