Innovation & New Product Launches to Bring A Boom in the Wireless Charging Industry

As time has become the biggest constraint in the fast-moving, fiercely competitive world in which gadgets are an essential part of lives, keeping them fully charged has become of the necessities. The charging sockets at the desk have lost their importance as people want to charge their devices on the go. So, power banks came into existence. Now, manufacturers have been taking new steps toward developing wireless charging technology. The industry has been maturing for past few years and new products have been under development or already launched. The recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has witnessed a lot of new products to be launched by leading tech giants. The market for wireless charging will boom in the next few years owing to these innovations and ongoing research and development activities. According to the research firm Allied Market Research, the global wireless charging market is expected to reach $71.21 billion by 2025. Following are some of the innovations taking place in the industry:

Griffin and Dodocool’s new wireless chargers:

Griffin has announced various wireless chargers that also includes a model which charges both iPhone and an Apple Watch simultaneously. This model is the PowerBlock Wireless Fast Charging Pad, a 7.5W Qi charger equipped with a slot for charging an Apple Watch on one side and an iPhone on the other. Moreover, the company will offer two new chargers. The PowerBlock Wireless Charging stand/pad offers to charge to iPhones in landscape or vertical orientation. This 10W Qi device enables you to flip up and turn the device into a dock. The Reserve Wireless Charging Bank provides a portable battery with a power of 5,000mAh, which is capable of charging the phones wirelessly. These wireless chargers will be launched for sale in the next few months.

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Dodocool has launched a wireless charger DP18 that has the USB sockets to power devices with an additional feature of the wireless inductive charging pad. This pad is placed on top of the device and supports many QI-enabled devices. The compact and pocket-sized device has a capacity of 10000 mAh, which can charge iPhone X two times. The phone needs to be placed on the top of the DP18 and the button on the side should be pressed to begin the charging process. There is an LED panel to convey if the device is charging or discharging itself along with showing percentage figure to tell how much battery is remaining. Moreover, the device is equipped with safety measures such as chips that prevent overheating, overcurrent issues, and short circuit issues.

Moshi and iOttie’s car mount and battery packs for wireless charging:

The accessory manufacturer Moshi has announced several products at CES 2019. The wireless charger introduced at the show is capable of charging iPhone on the go. The SnapTo Magnetic Car Mount with Wireless Charging will work in collaboration with Moshi’s iGlaze, Altra, and Vesta series of iPhone cases. A cutout is included in each case to insert the metal tabs. As the system is installed, iPhones can be placed to iPhone to Moshi’s car and wall mounts. The wireless charging is offered with standard and Qi-certified car mounts. Magnets are placed around the circumference of the wireless charging coil of the mounting system and power passes through to the iPhone.
iOttie has also announced its product offerings at CES 2019 including the Easy One Touch Connect smartphone car mount, the iON Wireless Go Portable Battery Pack, and the Auto Sense Wireless Fast Charging Car Mount. The Easy One Touch Connect car mount is a smart mount as it is integrated with Alexa into the device. So, even if you drive, you can control smart devices at home. The iON Wireless Go Portable Battery Pack is a battery pack for providing wireless charging for Qi-compatible devices. The Auto Sense Wireless Fast Charging Car Mount provides wireless charging and is equipped with a sensor for detection of nearby devices for charging and a servomotor for activation.

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Wireless charging for drones:

The drones need not to be landed on the ground for charging anymore. In the recent interview with William Kallman, the Co-Founder of wireless tech firm Global Energy Transmission (GET) by entertainment vlogger David Fordham, Kallman outlined how an electromagnetic field can be utilized for charging drone in the air. The firm has discovered a way to make a “power cloud” that has the capability to charge the drone in the air. A ground-based power station equipped with a frame of wires in a circular shape is constructed. It generates an electromagnetic field in the air once turned on. Once a drone with special antennae charges flies into the range of power cloud, it is charged. For eight minutes of charging, the drone is able to take a flight for 30 minutes. This system will find its application in military and entertainment industries.