Inserting Youtube Videos in Presentations

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YouTube_Video_logoWell , here I would teach you , how you could insert youtube videos in your presentation using Microsoft Powerpoint.  It seems quite , legit , one can increase the productivity of his/her presentation by inserting videos into the presentation. So here you can learn to embed youtube or other flash videos in your presentation slide using Microsoft Powerpoint.

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There are two ways in which you can do so. You could manually embed the flash video or you could just link to the Youtube video , and the vid would play as you click on the link. You could use any way , if you have a high speed connection available , you could go with the link method , or if you don’t have a high data transfer speeds available you can manually embed those flash videos , as it could create nuisance when the vids will buffer.

Inserting Youtube Videos:

Lets first start with embedding the Youtube videos , in the presentation , assuming that you have good transfer speeds available. All you need to do is to download and run this addon , and it will create a ” Insert Youtube Video” in the toolbar of the Powerpoint window. And the job ahead is pretty simple , you just need to type in the url of the Youtube video , and this addon will embed a youtube video in the active slide in your presentation. You could always edit the parameters , such as width , height  , etc. to make the video suitable for your presentation. THis is pretty simple , but again , it only works if you have a high speed connection , as if you don’t , then if the video starts to buffer in b/w your presentation , it would ruin the impact and tidiness of the presentation.

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 Inserting videos without Streaming:

Th e above approach is really great , but it won’t work if you going to present some project in an area without internet connection. So in this case , you need to manually download the Youtube video in Windows Media or AVI formats , since the Powerpoint doesn’t support formats like MP4 , or 3GP , of flv files. So you can manually insert these videos into a slide. And hence make your presentation more appealing.

These were some ways to insert youtube videos in your presentation using Powerpoint manually and also just with using that addon , where you just need to paste the link. Hope this helped. 🙂

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