iOS Apps Which Will Save You Money

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Progress has certainly been made by leaps and bounds on the cell phone monitoring front. There are a large number of applications which include employee monitoring software which can be used by proprietors in order to ensure their businesses safety. However an employee monitoring software on its own may not be any good if the problem does not lie with them. A cell phone monitoring system can certainly be handy but what you may need to monitor are your own expenses and expenditures. In order to do this below is compiled a list of some apps which can help you organize your money better. These are of great use to not only entrepreneurs but everyone who is trying to improve his or her money management skills.


Ever since the introduction of phones for communication the trend has only increased, and with it the number of people using it. Everyone is using a smart phone or cell phone and communicating smart phone to smart phone can ring up quite a bill. Skype is a very economical option as calls to other Skype users through its messenger are completely free. You can even video chat with one person at a time free of cost from anywhere in the world. The saying, a little goes a long way, couldn’t be truer than it is for Skype. By getting some Skype credit and adding a couple of basic features you can be making calls to regular cell phone or land line numbers at very decent rates. Since the Skype network is mostly through the internet making use of local phone lines only barely, the cost is kept to a minimum and can be a great way to talk to people at home or those away.

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Sifting for vouchers through the newspapers or keeping a bank of them in the cars dashboard is a thing of the past. This new app, Vouchercloud, clears all those problems by providing you with a library of vouchers all clearly categorized to suit the occasion. This app will store all the necessary coupons and vouchers and whenever you need one say at the grocery store or the gas station, you can simply use your phone to issue a voucher rather than having to keep track of little bits of paper which could save you quite a bit of money. A fact to consider is that since so many firms are now issuing vouchers there is a high chance that if the restaurant that you are dining at does not have any offers the one across the street probably does, so it can always pay off to have a voucher nearby after all its never bad to save money.

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RedLaser barcode Scanner

Shopping online is great not because you don’t have to step outside your house to get the product but the fact that you can browse so many online stores for the same product to get the best price right from your computer. This is the principal on which the RedLaser barcode scanner app has been created. You can easily scan any product you may come across in the grocery store or where ever you may be purchasing and then run the scan through RedLaser. RedLaser will then provide you with information about where else this product is available and for what price. This way you can see whether you are getting the best deal or not. In fact the latest addition to this app can locate your current position and then give you a summary of what price shops around your current vicinity are offering for the same product.

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