iPad 4 Vs Google Nexus 10 – Which One Is Better?


There are so many tablets in the market to choose from this holiday season. When we talk about the leading tablets these two names come to the mind: “Apple’s iPad 4” and “Google Nexus 10 tablet”. If you look at the market you can see the intense war going on between the various tablets in the market, but a closer look reveals that actually the war is going on between iOS and Android or in this case Apple and Google. Apple was leading the tablet market for a very long time, but after seeing the popularity acceptability and performance of the android tablets, Google decided to jump into this market and launched Nexus 10 giving a sudden shock to the retina display resolution of Apple tablets. Well frankly, who would have thought that any display will be able to beat the retina display of iPads in near future.

Since both tablet is equipped with the cutting edge technology and very popular among peoples, most of the people always wonder which one is better, Apple iPad 4 or Google Nexus 10. That’s why here we are going to take a deep dive into various parameters where Google’s Nexus 10 is having a lead over Apple iPad 4 and vice-versa. Then finally we will see which tablet takes the position of best buy and value for money. Now, let’s head to the comparison of various aspects of both tablets.


Google Nexus 10 is powered up with Samsung Exynos 5 Dual-core processor with 1.7GHz processing speed and quad core graphics, while iPad 4 comes with Apple A6X Dual core processor with 1.4 GHz processing speed and quad core graphics. You can see it clearly, here Nexus 10 takes a lead with iPad 4 on processing speed, but the difference is minimal and a user even might not be able to figure out the difference while using the tablet. Still Apple claims that  the A6X processors are a lot faster than other processors having same processing speed.

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You can call it the USP of the Nexus 10. Here Google has clearly beaten Apple retina display technology. The display of Nexus 10 is widely considered as the undeclared leader in display technology. Google Nexus 10 runs at 2560×1600, with a screen resolution of 300ppi while Apple’s iPad 4 stands at 2048×1536 with a screen resolution of 264ppi. The display ration of Apple iPad 4 is 4:3 while nexus 10 runs on a display ratio of 16:9. Now you can also see it clearly that Google has taken a lead over Apple by providing 4 million pixels in Nexus 10 offering stunning clarity in terms of text sharpness, and many more vivid pictures. For people who were fascinated with Apple retina display technology, Google has more to offer now.


Here again Google Nexus 10 has a clear cut lead over Apple iPad 4. Where Nexus 10 comes with 2 GB RAM that enables you to use and enjoy heavy applications and the games, Apple iPad 4 comes with only 1 GB of RAM.


In case of the camera both the devices have an almost similar primary camera. Nexus 10, on one hand offers a 5 MP camera with 2592×1936 pixels, with face detection, LED flash, auto focus and 1080p video recording @30fps. On other hands iPad 4 also offers a 5 MP camera with 2592×1944 pixels, with face detection, auto focus and 1080p video recording @30fps. This was all about the primary camera but when it comes to the secondary camera Nexus 10 again beats the iPad 4 with its 1.9 MP front camera where as iPad 4 has 1.2 MP front camera.

Battery Life

Here iPad 4 has an upper hand, it comes with 11,560 mAh Li-Po battery that offers 10 hours of web, music or video, and 9 hours of web browsing through mobile phone network. Where as Google Nexus 10 comes with 9,000 mAh LI-Ion battery that offers only nine hours of video or seven hours of browsing.

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Speakers, Weight and Dimension

One thing I like about the Nexus 10 is its speaker, it has dual stereo speakers placed on both sides of the screen. It makes the audio experience more enjoyable and it doesn’t even add extra weight, while iPad 4 has a single speaker at the back of the device. Even with dual speakers the Nexus 10 is much lighter as compared to iPad 4. You can see the specification that clearly shows iPad 4 weighs 652gm where as the Nexus 10 weighs only 603gm. Now coming to dimension, the Nexus 10 is thinner that the iPad 4. The dimension of Nexus 10 is 263.9 x 166.6 x 8.9mm whereas Apple iPad 4 is 241.2 x 185.7 x 9.4mm. You can say the Google Nexus 10 is a perfect coffee table or couch companion because of its weight and dimension. And from the statistics, it is pretty clear that in terms of thickness, weight, and speakers the Nexus 10 has a clear edge over Apple iPad 4.

File Sharing And Sensors

Both Nexus 10 and iPad 4 are equipped with the Bluetooth v4.0 with A2DP, but only Nexus 10 comes with dual side near field communication (NFC) technology, that makes the data transfer faster and easier. While Apple, intentionally don’t encourage the direct file sharing technology in order to prevent any malware or virus attack, and the logic is quite justifiable because the android devices are more vulnerable to the virus attacks.

Both the devices have gyroscope, accelerometer, an ambient light sensor, and a compass. But there is one thing that iPad 4 is missing, the barometer. Nexus 10 is equipped with the barometer also which is used for identifying the altitude for more accurate GPS performance.

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Network and Connectivity

In terms of network and connectivity iPad 4 clearly beats the Nexus 10. The Nexus 10 offers Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, MIMO Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct, dual-band, that gives you 4x faster browsing speed than normal Wi-Fi, however it lacks LTE. On the other hand, the iPad 4 offers dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi on 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands, and also supports for channel bonding to provide you the download speed of up to 150Mbps. It also supports LTE 700MHz class 17, 1700/2100Mhz.

Price and Variants

You can find 3 variants of iPad 4 in the market, 64GB for $699, 32GB for $599, and 16Gb for $499. While Nexus 10 comes in 2 variants, 32GB for $499 and 16GB for $399. It looks like Google is clearly pricing the nexus 10 $100 below the price of iPad 4.

Pros and Cons

Apple iPad 4 Pros

  • High number of tablet optimized apps
  • The Apple A6X SoC is the reigning champion in the mobile world

Apple iPad 4 Cons

  • The eternal closed garden issue with iOS
  • High price (especially for the LTE-enabled versions)

Google Nexus 10 Pros

  • Best tablet display
  • Reasonably priced
  • Exynos 5 Dual SoC

Google Nexus 10 Cons

  • No cellular connectivity



Final Verdict

The new Nexus 10 has already created a buzz in the tablet market. With its remarkable 2560×1600 resolution display, the latest Android Jelly bean OS and the cheaper price, it is definitely going to make a significant impact on the Apple’s market share for tablets. Feature wise Nexus 10 is far better than the iPad 4, you can compare the specification and you will be able to see that clearly, above all, it comes $100 cheaper than the iPad 4.

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