iWatch – The Apple Failwatch

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iwatch_concept3_wmApple has failed to demystify the concept of the smartwatch and reduced it to an overpriced ringtone.

Besides the two new smartphones, Apple has this year presented us with a (revolutionary) pay service, called Apple Pay, as well as a smartwatch, called the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch was designed with the idea of a watch that tracks your health, and acts as a wearable fitness device. The Watch’s interface is not an iPhone interface shrieked, and it does not, for instance, support the pinch to zoom option.

It’s square in shape, and comes in different materials, such as steel, aluminium, or gold, with different belt choices as well.

It’s glass is sapphire, and on the right side there is a square button called Digital Crown.

The Digital Crown serves as a Home button, of sorts, but can also be used as a zoom button.

Under that button, there is another one, less visible one, that is used to bring up the contacts list.

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The screen of the Watch, which is a curved Retina display, can differentiate pressure from a push. It comes equipped with a new SoC called S1, a pulse reader, gyroscope, accelerometer…

So what’s the big deal with the Apple Watch?

Apple’s first ever iPhone was not the first ever smartphone. There have been smartphones before, and the same goes for the iPad – tablets have been around for long before Steve Jobs made one. But what made his products, or Apple products, so popular, is the fact that he managed to demystify them – to show everyone why smartphones and tablets are good products and how they can improve your everyday life.

When it comes to the Watch, Apple has failed.

The biggest reason the Watch failed is that it’s functions are basically the same as with every other smartwatch and they come down to transferring notifications from your smartphone to your watch, with limited possibilities of replication, and it’s accompanied by a new and chaotic interface. The Watch is nothing more than just another smartwatch that notifies you that you should pull your smartphone out of your pocket. It’s basically an overpriced ringtone.

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Apple has always been known for making just one device per year, which is somehow of a statement that they know best what the customers wanted. And so far it was a smart move. This year, there are two iPhones, and a number of different Watches, which is not something we’re used to from Apple.

It’s necessary to use the iPhone with the Watch, starting with the iPhone 5, and at his time it’s not compatible with other smartphones on the market. It’s interface is designed to make the watch „the center of the universe“, and zooming in takes you to different „neighborhoods“ with apps.

The set of apps is no different from the iPhone (time, music player, weather, etc), and it’s priced at 349 USD.

What makes it even worse, even though the Watch has been presented, it won’t hit the stores before 2015.


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