Lima Ultra NAS Review – Personal Cloud Like NAS

I have my eyes on buying a NAS for some time, I am checking the new models that are released to stayed informed with the latest additions as I can. Until now I especially like the ones from QNAP and Synology¬†which have great hardware and software at top prices ( which why I haven’t bought one yet ūüôā ). ¬†In this article, I would present you a short review of the¬†Lima Ultra NAS with a video from¬†where the complete details can be seen

Lima Ultra NAS Review

While I was checking for the new models I have come across¬†the¬†Lima Ultra NAS an interesting¬†concept that will help you have a more like Dropbox application in your own home. ¬†If you don’t like that your files to be stored externally on the cloud platforms that exist like dropbox or Google Drive, etc then ¬†Lima Ultra NAS¬†can be a great choice.

The project was crowd funded on Kickstarter and it raised more the 1 million $. The price is not low and you need to pay 129$ to have the device without a hard disk

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Lima Ultra NAS¬†it needs an external hard disk to be plugged as a storage device and in comparison with the first model, this comes with a 1 GBs ethernet and a USB 3.0. In order to use it, you need to install the application so the devices to see it. If the applications are not installed you won’t be able to see it and utilize it. Applications are developed for all platforms: Android, Linux, MAC, IOS, Windows. For backup purposes, you have the option to buy another one and backup would be done between them.

Below is a complete video with the Lima Ultra NAS Review that has more details and some performance test:



If you need an alternative to Dropbox in your own network then the Lima Ultra NAS is perfect for you, the design is nice, the speed is good and is not taking a lot of space. If you want to do more then cloud then for sore you can find better alternatives.

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