Linux Mint 19.1 “Tessa” Beta Cinnamon Presentation

The Linux Mint 19.1 Beta Cinnamon it has been released with some interesting improvements and it looks great. There are already some Youtube videos that are presenting all the new interesting modifications of the new Linux Mint 19.1 “Tessa”. Currently, the beta version is existing and the final version will be released somewhere this month.

Some of the improvements.

  • Improved contrast in Mint-Y theme
  • Mint-Y-Dark is now the default Cinnamon theme
  • Symbolic icons for Redshift, Network manager applet and more
  • Grouped window list applet by default
  • Linux kernel 4.15

You can get more details from below links:


For downloading go: Linux Mint 19.1 “Tessa” Beta

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