Linux vs. Windows

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Anybody who is considering switching from Windows to Linux or vice versa will definitely want to know the pros and cons of both operating systems before the move. This article compares several important attributes of both operating systems. At the end, you will be able to decide whether to switch or stay.


Linux: Majority of Linux variants are free of cost or at a much-much lower price compared to Microsoft Windows’

Windows: Microsoft Windows can cost between $50 – $150 (the newer may can cost even more) for each license copy.


Linux: Initially Linux was a pretty complicated operating system, a majority of Linux variants have improved and become much more user-friendly than before, but Windows computers are still much easier to use.

Windows: Microsoft has made huge advancement in their operating system and although arguably, Windows operating system may not be the easiest OS around, but these are much easier and user friendly than Linux. This is a very big reason why Windows OS are most popular among commoners.

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Linux: When it comes to reliability, a number of Linux versions and variants are so reliable that you can continuously run it for months without the need of rebooting.

Windows: Although Windows OS are very user friendly, easy to use and offers a lot of interesting features to love, but when you talk about reliability, Windows versions are still way too behind Linux in terms of Reliability.


Linux: Linux has legion variety of software applications, games and utilities; however, Windows has a much larger collection.

Windows: A very large section of computer users uses Windows and the availability of software applications, games, utilities are countless and extremely large compared to that of Linux.

Software Cost:

Linux: Most software applications, games and utilities of Linux are available for users free of cost or as open source. Even complex programs like Open Office, Gimp, Wine and StarOffice, etc are available for free or is priced extremely low.

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Windows: Although there are few programs, applications, games and utilities for free, but majority of Windows variants and utilities are charged generously. Most programs will cost in the range of $20 – $200+ US dollars for each copy.


Linux: Although companies manufacturing hardware components have made colossal advancements in creating hardware to support Linux, but still Linux are not supported on most hardware devices.

Windows: Because of the large fan following of Windows, hardware manufacturers have their production concentrated on producing Windows support hardware components. Almost all hardware manufacturers produce hardware supported by Windows.


Linux: Linux has always been known for its security. It doesn’t mean that Linux is 100 percent attack-proofs, but it is still far more secure than Windows.

Windows: Microsoft has shown great improvement over past years, but still Windows OS are very vulnerable to security threats compared to Linux. In fact, Windows OS are among the most vulnerable OS.

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