How To Make Your Blog Pay Your Rent

There are a lot of people out there that find blogging to be an extremely satisfying activity. Is there anything better than sharing your opinions and advices with people with similar interests. It is precisely for this reason that a lot of people do it just for fun. However, what if someone told you that there are ways to make money this way as well. It doesn’t have to be anything big like a replacement for your regular job, but if your blog could at least pay your rent, wouldn’t that be a significant financial relief on its own? With this in mind, here are some tips on how to monetize your blog.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

The simplest and most direct way of earning money via your blog is to resort to PPC advertising. The way this works is actually quite simple. You first put an ad on your blog that has a code in it. This code is made with a bit of help from Google AdSense. Now, every single click on this ad brings you money from the business you are advertising for. The best thing is that this has nothing to do with whether or not the purchase is made. Every click on your blog brings you a bit of profit, however when multiplied this figure becomes all but insignificant.

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Affiliate Marketing

The reason we decided to immediately follow up with affiliate marketing is because it is quite similar to PPC. The greatest difference is that now in order for you to get paid a client needs to purchase something from the store. Based on your agreement with the client, you will either get paid a percentage (even up to 30%-70% of the price) or a fixed amount on each purchase. Now, the thing that could increase your chances is to advertise only your niche-related products, since there will be greater likelihood of your readers needing the item.

Opening e-store

Another thing you could do is open an e-store on your blog where you would either trade things you buy offline or sell your own merchandise. Some people have a natural knack for trade and if you count yourself amongst them why not profit from it on your blog. After your blog gains ground, you can start selling your own branded clothing items like t-shirts with your logo on them. All that is left for you now is to find a reliable ecommerce payment gateway and be well on your way.

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When you make a name for yourself, your word will start carrying a particular weight. Because of this, people will look up to you and wait for you to give them an assessment of various trends and products that appear in your niche. Because of this, making a review can earn you a substantial amount of money (even $500 for a single review). Seeing how this is nothing difficult to do and you will already be familiar with most things that you will be discussing it shouldn’t pose a problem. Furthermore, reviews are always popular which means that your blog will benefit from it multifold.

From all of this, you can see that options from making money in the blogosphere are quite numerous. This being said, some of your most persistent financial troubles can just magically disappear if you just put in some effort in optimizing your blog for profit. Who knows, if this hits off you might even turn this into a full time job.

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