Microsoft, Google and Apple Compete for Christmas Sales Rush

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While the world has long acknowledged the seemingly endless battle between Apple and Google in the bid for smart phone and tablet supremacy, Microsoft has entered the fray as a relative underdog this year. As the build-up to the Christmas shopping season begins across the world, all three of these mobile legends have lined up their latest offerings with launches held in the US.

Apple was the first to launch, with the advent of the much-discussed iPad Mini. This tablet is designed to be a cheaper and smaller version of the iPad, which opens up the market to a greater number of consumers.

Microsoft has revealed their brand new Surface device, which runs on the latest Windows OS and features user-friendly apps.

Google will be launching its latest device, the 7 inch the Nexus 7. This device has been greatly anticipated by Android fans, with a smaller display that Apple is most likely none too happy with, given the constant legal battles they have undergone against Samsung in terms of device design.

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Which Device Should You Be Considering?

Of course, the natural question that many are asking is which device will win the hearts (and budgets) of consumers. Currently, Android is leading the market in smartphone and tablet sales, with Apple on its heels. Microsoft has been making a very slow and steady advancement, especially with its recent move to offer Windows 8 on new Android devices such as HTC, Nokia and Samsung.

As each OS and device is updated to the newest, best version, consumers have been awarded with more choice than ever before. Rather than letting media, market results and even Android vs iPhone fans convince you of which device you should consider, take the following tips into account when making your decision…

  • How do you use your device? If you are a no-frills, calls, emails and SMS person, then something affordable that does the job will be fine. If you want apps, browsing, games and media, then a phone or tablet with good storage space and a decent battery life will do the trick. If you want a tablet, but don’t want a large device, the iPad Mini or Nexus 7 are both worth considering.
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  • Which OS is easiest to use? One way to find out which software is the most user-friendly for you is to play around with a friend, family member or co-worker’s Android, Windows or Apple device. Every user has their own preferences, and some may find certain OS trickier to use, with others being much easier.


  • What is your device budget? This is often the true test when it comes to purchasing a new device. If you are considering tablet for a Christmas gift (whether for yourself or someone else), and you do not have a huge budget, there are many affordable options to consider. You could even look at refurbished devices if you have your heart set on an iPad but can’t fork out the full price for a brand new device – as the device has been restored, the quality is equal to that of a new one, without the hefty price tag.
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In the battle for mobile dominance, everyone you meet will have their own opinion on which is better. While it is fine to listen to their advice, the best bet is to always make up your own mind to find the option that suits your needs the best.

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