Microsoft Surface vs Apple iPad

Do you know which one is the best tablet in the world today between Microsoft surface vs Apple iPad? Maybe you can summarize yourself from the best tablets currently owned by each vendor. In reviews this time, we will give comparison between Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface tablet. Here you will see a comparison of specifications between Microsoft Surface that operates with Windows RT and Apple iPad which operates with iOS 6. Hopefully by looking at the ratio of Tablet best and most advanced in this article, so you have an idea of what the tablet will be purchased in the future. As you know that more recently Microsoft, surprisingly unveiled a tablet device, called Surface and for more details you can see the comparison between the Microsoft Surface and Apple iPad which I quote the submitted manufacturer specifications of the devices.

Microsoft has officially released tablet Surface. This is the first time the Redmond-based company has plunged in the world of mobile technology directly. Surface underway in Windows 8 operating system, which is the latest development from the previous OS version. But unfortunately, many experts argue that there would be too many consumers who are ready to migrate to Windows 8. This opinion is expressed by reason of Windows 8 still needs to prove itself and its superiority compared to other more established OS, such as iOS and Android. In terms of weight, both editions of Windows RT Surface and Windows 8, still more severe than third-generation iPad WiFi models and a model of cellular connections.

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Surface edition of Windows 8 weighs 903 grams, which is the edition of Windows RT 676 grams, while the third-generation iPad with WiFi only weighs 652 grams and 662 grams with a cellular connection. Even though the weight is more heavily, Surface edition of Windows RT apparently is thinner than Apple iPad, but not which version of Windows 8. Surface editions of Windows RT is only 9.3 mm thick, it is much thinner than the edition of Windows 8, which is 13.5 mm thick, while the third-generation iPad is 9.4 mm. Regarding the screen, Surface wider, each is 10.6-inch models, while the third-generation iPad is just 9.7 inches, although the two companies use different technologies.

Apple IPad using Retina display resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels and HD Clear Type Surface sailing. If you look at the ability of the battery, the iPad is slightly superior to the 42.5 watt hour can last up to 10 hours for browsing, playing videos or music, while only 42-watt Surface hour. In terms of interfaces, Surface edition of Windows RT features the microSD, USB 2, Micro HD Video, 2 × 2 MIMO antenna. Which edition of Windows 8 powered microSDXC, USB 3, Mini DisplayPort Video, and 2 × 2 MIMO antenna. Rely on third-generation iPad 30 pin dock connector port Apple. Finally in terms of storage technology, the third generation iPad storage capacity of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, while the Surface between 32GB up to 128GB.

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Speaking about iOS, of course we should not forget Apple’s latest product, the iPad Mini. Launched in conjunction with the Surface tablet, iPad Mini offering a lower price than the regular version of the iPad. Although not equipped with Retina Display, experts believe that the iPad Mini will be sold successfully thanks to the power of the Apple brand that has stuck fairly strong among gadget enthusiasts all over the world. In conclusion, the Surface will face tough competition with the iPad Mini before the end of this year. This is also reinforced by the fact that the tablet is priced Surface middle of no less than USD 599. Quite expensive, even for U.S. consumers though. Compare this with the iPad Mini is now on sale at a price of USD 329. There is much difference in the price range between these two powerful tablets. Problem spec, iPad Mini also brings several advantages such as a 7-inch tablet with a larger than similar models. In addition, Apple also pinned A5 dual-core processor with an additional battery pack that can last up to a day more. Not to mention the additional 5 megapixel iSight camera that will allow a user to take pictures and to share it with other iOS users. So how do you think? I really hope this article may help the readers to find the useful information about Microsoft Surface vs Apple ipad

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