How to Move Plex from Windows to NAS / Linux And Preserve Your Meta data!

In case you have a Plex media server on your Windows PC and want to upgrade to a NAS or Linux you may want to move the content and preserve the metadata like libraries, watched movies, playlists etc.

To do this you will need to do some steps like:

  1. Install Plex on NAS
  2. Move the media files to NAS
  3. Deactivate some Plex features while migrating and stoping plex
  4. Moving the metada from %LOCALAPPDATA%\Plex Media Server
  5. Start Plex and change the media path.

In big these are the steps needed to be done, there is a video done by that is showing exactly what needs to be done. This video is showing the exact steps that need to be done to have this accomplished. Check it below to see how it’s done:

Hope this video was useful and help you migrate your Plex metadata to a NAS to better manage your libraries.

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