How Much Can you Make Mining Ethereum or Other Cryptocurrencies

These days a lot of people are trying to earn money with some Mining Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies. Everyone is buying video card on top of video cards and building systems just for this purposes. Because of this, the prices of video cards have gone up as demand is very high. Because of the high demand for video cards, you can bearly find a video card higher the GTX 1050 TI on the local distributors, it’s just crazy.

I am from Romania and the fever for mining  Cryptocurrencies reached this place also, just the other days I have seen a colleague off mine with 4 Nvidia Video cards in the elevator bought for this purpose.  I didn’t know how much you can potentially earn but I know how much 4 GTX 1080  cost ( more than 2000$)  and this without taking into considerations the other parts needed like CPU, Motherboard, CASE, SSD, etc.

If someone is willing to pay that much for a video card I thought that it means real money is made with mining Cryptocurrencies and started to search around the internet for more details about the potential earning. I am in the online world for several years and I have never seen money being made easy without off some sort of scheme.

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I have found the below video where a system is built for this purpose only :


The system has cost more than 2200$ which is not cheap and with it is mining around 120/140$ a month and from which you need to Withrow the energy another 50$ at the end ending up with ~80$. In this conditions, you need more than 2 years to only gain the money for your parts.

Building a system only to mine Ethereum or Other Cryptocurrencies is just not worthing so I don’t understand why is so much buzz around this. It could have been worthing at the beginning when there wasn’t that much concurrence but now when everyone is doing this I don’t see the point.