NEW Distro Ubuntu 20.04 With Deepin Desktop (UbuntuDDE)

Ubuntu is one of the most used Linux desktops but it comes short if you compare the look with Deepin Desktop. Like most out there, I was concerned about the privacy offered by Deepin Desktop and that’s why I didn’t want to use it that much.

All of these are about to change as a new distro emerged which will get rid of these concerns as is based on Ubuntu and Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE). Also, the App install library will be based on Ubuntu so it will be safer. is in beta test and just launched, that’s why is not recommended to use it in a live environment and test it before.

Below is a video that is showing and explaining everything you need to know about the

I like the Deepin Desktop look a lot and for sure I will give it a try to see how it moves when will move from the beta version.

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What about you? Do you like