New iPhone in 2013 – Rumors Roundup

Users are still getting used to the iPhone 5 and already there are rumors that Apple might have a new one up for release soon. While some might groan at the fact that they’ll have to shell out for a new Apple product, fans have already started looking for concrete information. As always, the manufacturer is playing its cards close to the chest.

The fact that the iPad 4 and iPad Mini were unveiled just 8 months after the iPad 3 proves that a new iPhone could be a possibility. Whether it’s going to be called the iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S remains to be seen, but for now speculation is rife.

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  • TheNextWeb Report got the rumor ball rolling when they published an article about developers contacting them about a new Apple device and iOS. One developer had information about Apple testing hardware dubbed as ‘iPhone 6.1’ with iOS 7. The expected release date for this gadget is some time mid-year.

Adding more meat to this rumor is the fact that the developer logs track an IP address that leads back to Apple’s Cupertino base. Just so you know, when the iPhone 5 was in beta, it was dubbed ‘iPhone 5.1 and 5.2’ referring to the LTE model and the 4G bands on which the device functions.

  • The iPhone Color

We all know how cool the iPod touch (5th generation) looks in its different colors. Some of us even wish that our iPhones could be the same. It looks like the latest version might just come in a rainbow of colors for people to choose from.

If it does happen, this will be a huge move from the black and white options that customers have to select from. This is one rumor that has been doing the rounds for quite some time so let’s wait and see if Apple grants everybody’s color wishes.

  • New touch technology

The in-cell technology, a first with the iPhone 5, is a jump from prior releases. In-cell technology does away with one layer of the display thus making the phone thinner than it is. It also makes the screen stronger and less vulnerable to environmental changes.

However, rumor has it that Apple might be switching back to on-cell technology like on the older iPhones. There could be an iota of truth in this rumor because there have been user complaints about the iPhone 5 screen struggling with diagonal swiping.

A “Touch on Display” panel might be in the pipeline developed by one of Apple’s suppliers, Innolux Corp. They offer a 10-point multi-touch display that is only 0.5mm and consumes lesser power. Could this be the iPhone for heavy-duty users?

  • Release Date

While many websites try to squeeze out information from the web about new Apple products, no rumor gets more fuel than the release date. Managing to predict this important date will earn your site a lot of respect. So, what’s being said about the latest iPhone and when can users get their hands on it?

Spring 2013 is going to be sunnier for Apple lovers as a number of rumors states that the new iPhone will be out then. Supposedly, Q1 of 2013 will see full-scale production of this new gadget. However, you need to think about the impossibility of such an action.

The iPhone 5 has hardly been out, so will Apple risk releasing a new gadget and crippling its latest model? Highly unlikely, but anything’s possible with the manufacturer. As days turn into weeks, more rumors and leaks are bound to make the headlines. Stay tuned for an iDevice that you might just fall in love with…again.

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