Nokia’s Strategy to Regain Power by Its Cheap Mobile Phones

Nokia-Asha-308-and-309This era is all set to provide best quality smart phones and gain the market share. It is no doubt a technology oriented era but after a long rest Nokia is all set to flatter the market by providing cheap smart phones. It came with a strategy to flood the developing world with cheap mobile phone.

Nokia is all set to achieve its power and position in this cell phone business. After a long time it has came back with better plans and better strategies and there cannot be any doubt that it will give a stiff competition to its competitors. The dominant players of today in the mobile phone business will surely face a tough competitor if Nokia will offer a variety of smart products and that too with cheaper prices. This shows that it will surely create a big opportunity for people to grab these cheaper phones.

This new strategy of Nokia will be proved a big success or not is still a question but it’s this announcement has made everyone more attracted and delighted too. In this announcement Nokia mentioned that it will not only regain its lost market share but will prove once again to be the highest share maker in the mobile phone business.

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This is not all, Nokia has already make sure that it will offer very basic smart phones in Asia and that too with a lot of features. According to it, this will help to create more turnovers as compared to costly smart phones because cheaper smart phones has itself created more appealing demand in the market.

With this notice of attention to all other dominant players, Nokia had made clear that its cheap smart phones had started influencing the market share as its product-Nokia Lumia created a huge demand. This demand force has driven attention that even though it’s an era of competition, technology and status symbol still cheaper smart phones are definitely an enjoyable experience.

Especially for those who are budget conscious and prefer lesser budget cell phones or smart phones for them this is surely a choice like never before. This states that Nokia will soon be a powerful champion in this cell phone business. The way Nokia is grabbing the attention of all the cheap cell seekers it will soon be a tough challenge for dominant players to resist in the market.


There is no doubt that dominant player like Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG, etc will have their own plans to seek all attention towards their new smart phones. But still it will be more interesting to see the power pack’s face off and surely you will be interested in knowing who grabbed the highest share and how.

Also it will be nice to see which cheaper cell phone Nokia will bring in the market after this Lumia series. Along with this it is also a question that Nokia will succeed in its strategy or not. Whether it is cheap or heavy budget smart phones you will surely enjoy the face off among all the prominent players.

Nokia will create a mark in this cell phone industry or not is now not a question of worry but whether you will be able to pick such bargain cell phones or smart phones is really a matter of question for all because that will decide the future of Nokia’s this strategy to dominate the market.

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