NVIDIA Shield 2017 Very Interesting Android TV Box

This won’t be a review of NVIDIA Shield just an opinion about the device based on the numerous videos and details found on the internet about this device. In this article, you would find also the most interesting videos with a review of the device done by experts.

What I like about NVIDIA Shield 2017

It is smaller the the previous one

The new design it is smaller than the previous version although the same hardware has been kept.

It is coming with a gamepad

You don’t need to buy the extra gamepad now it comes directly included at the 200$

The 4K for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

There aren’t a lot of devices that comes with 4K for both, but NVIDIA Shield manage to do this, which is great.

Integration with Google Home

The device would work as a Google Home and it would have in the future developed some bulbs which you plug and sent commands to it.

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There also a lot of other great features that I like, the possibility to stream games from the PC that has a NVIDIA Card, the connectivity and the option to play HDR videos.

The device looks very good and I am planning to get one in the future and use it at full potential. Below are some great video reviews about the NVIDIA Shield 2017 that would present in full detail the product.

Buy NVIDIA SHIELD on Amazon.com


A great guy doing a lot of interesting product reviews and tutorials. You can see more of his videos at lon.tv




Buy NVIDIA SHIELD on Amazon.com