Overview of ‘Microsoft Xbox 720’Prior to its Reported Launch in June

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With strong rumors abounding with the imminent release of Microsoft Xbox 720, the teams are busy experimenting an all-new generation of hardware. Speculation is rife, the much hyped E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2012 confirmed reports about the successor to Xbox 360, that is on the cards. One remembers Elijah Woods of The Lord of the Rings fame pitching for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 when it was launched in 2005.

Not to be outdone now, Microsoft will probably rely on Woods reaching out to them when they launch the Xbox 720 not later than June 2013. Xbox gamers are eagerly waiting for the release date that will give them access to the new and much touted Xbox 720.

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This time the console from Microsoft is expected to be built to last, not that the Xbox 360 left behind murmurs of disappointment. The hardcore gamers are happy with the way things went with the exclusive games and content that was found on the series ‘Games of Wars’. The motion-sensing device from Microsoft called Kinect that was part of the Xbox 360 gaming console enabled the users to have a firm control over the game and interact with Xbox 360 by using just gestures and voice commands.

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Gamers are all making a beeline to the E3 2013 that is a three-day gaming bash, which incidentally is the 18th in the series. The event to be hosted by bright and sunny Los Angeles is sure to attract serious gamers from across the world. Though it is now certain that the Xbox 720 or some more details of it are bound to be unveiled at this much talked about and eagerly awaited gaming expo. Though there has be no confirmed announcement from Microsoft in this regard, everyone is hoping to get glimpses of what lies in store for the future of gaming, given that Sony has been rather mum about any new releases.

Going by the assertions of Chris Lewis, Microsoft VP, who claims that they have crossed halfway already, with the remaining part being a cakewalk. This is rather reassuring for the publishers and developers who expect to make a kill when Xbox 720 is finally launched.  A lot seems to be hanging on Kinect, which is expected to boost the chances of prolonging the life cycle further than expected.

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Confirmed reports or rumors, rather, say that red is certainly going to be missing as part of Xbox 720’s design – not on the outside or the inside. Microsoft seems to be wary and would at any cost like to be sure that the catastrophic RRod issues that almost rendered the Xbox 360 unusable. The RRod or the flashing red lights nicknamed Red Rings of Death gained notoriety as most technical issues that were detected were signaled by a series of flashing reds and the nickname stuck.  The other issues related to the release of Xbox 360 like the discs getting all scratched up in the drive, all being attributed to a simple yet crucial faulty type of lead-solder that was used.

Though such mistakes are expected to be totally avoided with Xbox 720, one is still not too sure. Another rumor says that Microsoft may have their own touchscreen controller for the new version of Xbox. This may remind gamers of Nintendo’s touchscreen controller, which Microsoft may rely on heavily while designing their own. Let us all wait until E3 2013 this June for the final picture.

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