Plex Adds Support for Alexa – Amazon Echo

Plex Adds Support for Alexa – Amazon Echo
I am using Plex for a while to watch my movies and I love it. I bought an Echo dot a while back and I always wanted to have the possibility to use it with my Plex for voice control. This moment has come and since last night the Plex skill was created and can be used. Below is a video with the features:



More on the subject can be seen on Plex with Alexa, for support you can check Plex Alexa support.  I have configured already on echo Dot and tried to see how is working with a browser but I wasn’t able to have it work on the browser although it should be supported as per the support page. It wasn’t recognizing the player and that’s why didn’t do anything. The other functionalities like telling me what is on deck worked perfect.

I have a Beelink MINI MXIII II TV Box that I am planning to try it,  later on today, I would create a video to see how it would be used. The skill is at beginning and for sure with the coming weeks it would be polished.

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