Qualcomm SnapDragon 855 – Everything You Need To Know

Qualcomm has launched its brand new processor or SoC (System on Chip) Snapdragon 855. Which we’ll have in next year devices which will be so fast as compared to SnapDragon 845 phones in this year. In this post, I am going to let you know about Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 features and new improvements and which could be the 1st phone we can witness powered by this new beast.

CPU – KRYO 485

Unlike other processors who have 4 performance cores. This has one prime core Kryo 485 which is working on 2.85GHz, is faster than a performance core. The performance will be improved by 45% as compared to the last generation with this core as it is combined with a number of changes.

GPU – Adreno 640

SnapDradon 855 is powered by Adreno 640 GPU. This provides 20% faster performance as compared to previous one Adreno 630 GPU. Actually, Qualcomm is focusing on something called SnapDragon Elite Gaming Experience. It is a combination of features this supports. E.g. cinematic HDR coloring grading for gaming and technology to reduce drop frames up to 90%.

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SnapDradon 855 came up with a powerfully upgraded Computer Vision Signal Processor. This will let users record 4K HDR videos at 60fps. The new HDIF file format will reduce file sizes up to 50%. Moreover, Qualcomm put in a special thing which is hardware based depth mapping in videos. This will let you record videos with portrait mode in 60fps, plus a real-time object replacement.


Qualcomm SnapDradon 855 uses x50 5G modem on which Qualcomm has been working since 2015 and kept on reducing the physical hardware. Now finally we have it in a size we can hold in a finger. Reduction in hardware results in improved performance. Meaning that we can enjoy high-speed internet and we can stream pc quality gaming through the cloud.

Wifi 802.11AY Platform

Wifi speed is also getting a push, it uses market’s 1st 802.11AY platform which means we can enjoy the speed up to 10Gbps through it. This is 3 times faster than 802.11AC which are currently being used in the latest smartphones, it supports speed up to 3.5Gbps.

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This Qualcomm SnapDradon 855 has the companies forth iteration for the AI engine. Now, this has started to get serious when it comes to AI tasks on smartphones with this chip. The performance is 300% higher including new camera shooting and noise reduction options while being on a call or talking to the smart assistant.

The Artificial Intelligence is really powerful inclusion in SD 855 processor. This can upgrade the resolution of the photos, remove grans from images and adding depth and bokeh effects on photos downloaded from the internet.


The SD 855 processor is based on 7nm technology, which means better battery life. Unlike SD 845 which is based on 10nm technology. Qualcomm has used TrueWireless, this just not only reduce Bluetooth latency but also targets power consumption while listening to music. Watching videos will be better than ever before because this chip supports HDR 10+ and will consume less power than before.

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Extended Reality (XR)

Extended Reality or XR which describes virtual reality so powerful, it claims to blur the lines between virtual and physical world. I am talking about 8K VR Experiences here that can run at 120fps

3D Sonic Sensor

Since a long time, Qualcomm has been working on the Ultra Sonic Fingerprint Scanner. Which can take a 3D image of ridges and pores on a finger while working on sweat and oil on it.

In Qualcomm tech summit organized in Hawaii, they were continuously giving hints to work with Samsung which can probably the Samsung Galaxy S10 device which can be launched in early next year. Moreover, OnePlus CEO has confirmed that the first device powered by SD 855 Processor will be one of our devices. But Xiaomi also announced that they are going to launch new variant of Mi Mix 3 phones with SD 855 Processor. But apple is also in the race of 5G which might launch it’s iOS devices with 5G in coming year.