RAM Upgrade on New iMac Not Possible

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Electronics website iFixit had a busy weekend. On Friday, they took a look at the new 21.5” iMac and took it apart to reveal that the machine had been assembled in the United States. While that was the brunt of many stories that unfolded about the new iMac and about Apple, here’s another blow that’s hit them pretty hard, well, at least for technology enthusiasts. iFixit downgraded the iMac’s repair score to a 3 out of a possible 10, and labeled servicing the computer “an exercise in disappointment”.

The website is urging DIY techies to look for a leftover 2011 model instead. In a recent event, Apple announced the new iMac, a re-designed look at the massive machine that has been the cause of many an envious glance at workplaces. The larger 27” iMac is set to ship later this month. While Apple’s machines have never really been machines that tinkerers and hackers take a keen interest in, this extremely low score is bound to add-on to the already dubious about of coverage that Apple products have been getting in the market.

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iFixit stated that there is an incredibly strong adhesive that bonds the LCD and front glass panel to the frame, a large change as compared to the previous model which used magnets rather than the hard to dislodge glue, which of course, is a huge task to replace. Additionally, since the iMac has set the 8GB RAM as a standard with the ability to upgrade to 16GB, DIY enthusiasts will have to burrow beneath the logic board and take apart much of the Mac simply to gain access to the slots. The older version of the iMac had four external RAM slots that were incredibly easy to access.

Apple does however, mention that memory “cannot be upgraded later in this model” in their manual, which is quite a big brick wall for consumers to deal with. To a layperson, the “cannot upgrade” term sends more than just a shiver down their spine. The entire move to discourage users manually adding RAM later might just be a ploy by Apple to try and get as much revenue out of their products as possible as upgrading RAM via the Apple store compared to getting it yourself has a difference of close to a factor of 500%. That figure, even by Apple’s standards, is exorbitant.

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Based on the news coverage Apple has received in the last few months, one can’t but shake their head and just wait for the giant to fall over.

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  1. Oh , of this is the case , I think it will put iMac , not good enough to compete with now coming ultrabooks :/

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