Samsung Galaxy S3 with New Android Jelly Bean OS Proving More Popular


The smart phones are really smart devices but what makes the difference is that the user has to ensure that the device remains updated so that one is able to enjoy the latest functionalities. Each passing day brings something new in the world of technology which Samsung catches with perfection.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has to be the best smart phone that one can lay their hands on. It is quite strategically priced in the international markets which has made it a favorite and an affordable option in the top segment of super smart phones. This phone has made records of some sorts by becoming the fastest selling smart phone in the history.

Recently the world got introduced to the latest iPhone from apple and it is one of the best bets against the galaxy s3. This hardly affected the s3 as the sales figures as till cruising quite healthily in the markets all over. So has the Samsung s3 hit a plateau?

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In the world of technology things keep changing each day and this could easily open up new windows and lets one easily give up the older merchandise. The Samsung s3 had hit the market with the ICS OS from android and was best in the class back then.

But soon after its release Google came up with the latest Jelly Bean OS into the market. This has been heartbreak of some sorts for the users who want their device to be nothing but the latest and the most updated ones.

The links of the new OS update and the premium suite are now available on the Samsung KIES software. With a healthy connection the whole update process takes just a few minutes. The multi window facility found I the galaxy note 2 can now be enjoyed on the s3. A lot of other features are brought to this device and those who have used to earlier will be more familiar with it.

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The new OS had promised project butter which was all about smoother interface for the user and one can feel this after the update on the s3. The feature can be felt easily especially while using multi window as one can switch over very easily. The auto rotation of the device too gets better with the new OS and the swipe keyboard just makes it easier to type without having to press the screen repeatedly but simply dragging it.

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