Samsung Galaxy SIII vs Iphone 5 : Which Is the Best?

Apple-iPhone-5-vs-Samsung-Galaxy-S-III-10-jpgSo actually browsing some review sites to decide your new Smartphone buy.? Well , you definitely might be confused with Samsung Galxay S3 ad the  freaky Iphone 5.So lets give you Pros and Cons packed tutorial on Samsung Galaxy SIII vs Iphone 5. So let’s start.


iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy SIII :

  • The Best feature as always will be the integrated memory installed on the Apple device.
  • Still iOS platform is more appealing as compared to the most popular Android Platform
  • Iphone 5 , is 30% more smaller than SIII and hence more easy to handle and manage.
  • It has a screen with higher pixel density. i.e. 325 PPI vs 305 PPI. So comparatively more enhanced experience.
  • Again size makes a definite difference. The iPhone is 20% lighter as compared to Samsung Galaxy SIII which is standing on 112 grams. Also the iPhone is 10% slimmer than the Android Scoop.

Samsung Galaxy SIII Vs iPhone 5:

  • For the start the Samsung Galaxy SIII has more max data speed transfer rates i.e. HSPA 168 mbps against LTE 80 mbps on the iPhone 5.
  • It has a AMOLED display as compared to iPhone’s normal LCD display.
  • On the Samsung Galaxy SIII , you could probably run multiple apps and switch between various running applications.
  • You would certainly laugh at this one but yes, it has built in FM.
  • Higher resolution  i.e.720X1280. Which is 30% higher resolution as compared to the iPhone.
  • Yes a Broad edge , the Galaxy SII has a slightly higher processor , 1.4 GHz over 1.3 GHz.
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So these were some pros and cons of the two good competitors in the market. This was my a bit in detailed comparision on Samsung Galaxy SIII vs iPhone 5.

So whats your scoop in it? Tell me which one will you  prefer.