Guide to Know About Sending Fax Paperless

CocoFax, Reliable Fax Service Provider

Google Fax Free has provided to try Google Fax Free for free to find the best online fax service providers. This list contains CocoFax at the top as it is the most reliable application to send and receive faxes all over the world. You can get rid of fax machines with the help of this utility.

The reliable and efficient services of CocoFax are praised by many top-notch media forums. BuzzFeed, New York Times, Tom’s Guide, Android Authority, and Forbes are few names of the international media outlets which recognized the fully-functional services of the CocoFax.

CocoFax has also won the hearts of one million users around the globe. It does not take into account the geographical boundaries when transferring a fax from one place to another. Whether you want to send faxes to international or local numbers, CocoFax will always assist you.

Paperless Fax Transfer is Possible with CocoFax

Go to Google Fax Free to get more info about paperless fax services offered by CocoFax by collecting information and presenting it for free. When it comes to transferring faxes without using any kind of hardware equipment, CocoFax is the right choice for users.

Fax is still being used by hundreds of corporate organizations all over the world. People rely upon sending and receiving faxes rather than using email for sharing sensitive data. It is due to the fact that fax comes up with added security and safety features to protect your data.

However, everyone is tired of managing a bulky fax machine, arranging fax papers, getting new toners, and keeping the device awake round the clock to avoid missing any important faxes Therefore, CocoFax is providing its users the facility to send and receive paperless faxes.

Use CocoFax Dashboard for Sending Faxes

CocoFax is designed with an intuitive interface to assist users in using it efficiently. Unlike other applications which download, install and read long user manuals before using them, CocoFax is an easy-to-use web-based utility which does not require watching tutorials.

Whether you are a tech geek or not you can get your hands on this tool without seeking help from someone else. Follow this step-wise procedure for using the web-based CocoFax dashboard to send faxes without a fax machine or paper.

Step 1: Register CocoFax account

Browse the official website of CocoFax and click on the Signup button from the top right corner of the landing page.  Enter a valid email address and set a complex password in the empty fields of the signup wizard. For new user registration, CocoFax provides a 30-days free trial.

You can subscribe to any of the available packages when the trial period ends. The trail is used to assess CocoFax services and check the number of faxes you send or receive every month; therefore, you can choose a monthly or premium package as per the frequency of fax transfer.

Step 2: Choose Fax Number

CocoFax relieves you from the hassles of reaching out to your phone service provider to request a fax number. The phone companies are usually busy as they have to deal with multiple users and their issues. Moreover, wired fax transfer can be troublesome in bad weather conditions.

Now you can get a dedicated fax number after signing up with CocoFax. It provides toll-free and vanity fax numbers for the ease of its users. The list of available numbers will be displayed after the CocoFax registration wizard so that you can select as per your choice.

Step 3: Compose New Fax

Click on the New Fax button after logging in to your CocoFax dashboard and start composing the fax. CocoFax provides users the facility to attach digital files with extensions .pdf, .xls, .doc, .jpg, .png. You can send multiple files at once by uploading them as an attachment.

Enter the recipient’s fax number in the ‘To’ filed; for acceding more than one fax number, separate them by a comma. Enter cover page information in the fax body area and give a title to the fax files by adding the relevant information in the ‘Subject’ field of the new fax wizard.

Step 4: Send Fax

Recheck the entered data to ensure that it is free of any mistakes to avoid any bugs in the fax sending process. Click the send button and CocoFax will begin translating the documents into a Tiff file automatically as it is the only format supported by fax machines.

You will get alerts after the successful delivery of the files. However, in case the document sending was failed due to any errors, then CocoFax will generate a message enlisting the errors and their causes. You can correct the mistakes by referring to the automated message and resend the faxes.

Email-to-Fax, Paperless Fax with CocoFax

CocoFax is also providing users the ease of using their email addresses for sending and receiving faxes just like a fax machine. There is no need to invest in a fax machine when you can send faxes from your email account using any handheld smart device or laptop.

Compose a new email and enter the fax number of the receiver in the ‘To’ field by adding ‘’ at its end.  CocoFax translates the digital documents into analog files so that receiving fax machines can comprehend the data without generating any bug.

CocoFax, Receive Fax without a Fax Machine

Receiving faxes using CocoFax is an automated process. You would not be required to follow further procedures for this. In case you are using your email account for fax transfer with CocoFax, navigate to the inbox folder and all the received faxes will be listed there as a PDF attachment.

You can also check received faxes from the CocoFax dashboard. The inbox folder of your CocoFax account contains all the received faxes along with transmission logs and sender details. You can download the fax attachment and read them using smart devices as they are in digital format.


CocoFax has not only made paperless fax transfer possible, but it has made it reliable, efficient, and secure. You can get the security of a fax machine without even using them. Just grab any smart device, navigate to CocoFax’s webpage to send and receive faxes on the go