Smartphone Insurance Can Be a Smart Move and Worth Buying

Does any mishap warn you in advance before it happens? Are you ever prepared for that phone slipping out from your hands and the is cracked? Accidentally spilling that cup of coffee that you like so much on the phone that you can’t live without? There are literally hundreds of things that could go wrong with your phone and at any given time, even when you may not be in a position to bear the expenses. In today’s times, can you really afford to not be with a cellphone? Be it for work-related purposes or for pleasure, there is almost always something on the cellphone that needs your attention.

Most likely, either you or someone you know has suffered from damaged or lost smartphones. Given this likelihood, it does seem like a smart decision to go for smartphone protection plans or insurance. And the more aware you are, the safer and prepared you are; for example, some smartphone extended warranty or insurance providers only offer plans for a short period of time right after you have bought your smartphone, some as less as two weeks. In case you didn’t know this at the time of purchase, you would most likely miss the opportunity to avail of these facilities.

Can a Smartphone Insurance help me?

The expenses incurred due to a damaged phone can be pretty high. Cracked touchscreens cost around $190 while any damages to the cameras of your smartphones may set you back by as much as $250. If you have indeed spilled your coffee on your smartphone or an unfortunate series of events led it to be exposed to rain, you’re looking at footing a bill of around $600. In the worst case, if your phone has been stolen or you misplaced it, be ready to burn a hole in your wallet of anywhere between $800 and $1200 for a new and shiny smartphone of the popular brands such as the iPhone, Samsung S series and so on.

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Smartphone protection plans generally cover a very wide range of issues such as damages, thefts, and loss. Even within types of damage the phone may have gone through, there is a large coverage, be it screen damage or malfunctions, liquid damage from a spill or even broken or damaged cameras. Not all smartphone protection plans cover everything so you are highly recommended to check in detail all the options and go for the one that offers an expansive coverage among other things. But we’ll be discussing that a little later.

Apart from the fantastic coverage, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to dole out a huge amount of cash in case the unexpected occurs and you have to look for a replacement phone. And even the replacements are likely to arrive at your doorstep in a couple of days, maybe even in 24 hours. Many companies offer protections plans regardless of the brand or Operating System (OS) of your smartphone; iPhone warranties, Android protection plans, and insurance – all of them are included.

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What Insurance options do I have?

While there are a multitude of smartphone protection plans, you need to know which plan offers what coverage, the number of monthly payments you need to make, the deductibles and the limits, if any, to the number of claims you can make in a certain period of time.

You need to be wary too since quite a few insurance plans have hidden fees and the process and turnaround times for claims can possibly be quite complicated and unfavorable. Now, considering coverage, there are plans that protect you from theft but not loss or only damages and malfunctions but not theft and loss. Which coverage should you opt for? Well, on a broad stroke, the more coverage you have, the better. But it isn’t that simple. The more the coverage, the more you might have to pay in your monthly premiums, so our advice is to understand how you or your family use the smartphones and what level and type of risk exists and thus decide on the coverage that suits you and your family the best.

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There are the ton of smartphone insurance and protection plan providers such as manufacturers, carriers and independent operators. Many smartphones come with a manufacturer’s insurance plan or extended warranty. Smartphone network providers or carriers also offer insurance products with other insurance providers as partners. And finally, there are independent operators with a lot of smartphone protection plans of their own. The factors that differentiate these insurance providers are the same as mentioned above. You can find a chart comparing some of them on the basis of certain factors here.

So, is opting for smartphone insurance a smart move? Is it worth it? The answer always depends on personal opinion and preference, but if you were to ask us, the answer is – yes! When weighing the risks of not having a smartphone protection plan and the benefits it offers in return, the scales certainly tip in favor of it being a smart move!

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