Solitaire Rules You Must Know to Become a Proficient Player

Did you happen to try to play Solitaire but was having a hard time understanding how to win? This problem can be easily solved once you grasp the basics. However, mastering anything takes a lot of practice, and the same applies to the game of classic Solitaire. So, when set on the path to efficiency, it is essential to acquaint yourself with the rules of the game. Below, we’ll observe all of them but before this, let’s have a quick look at the main goal you need to achieve while playing.

The Objective of the Game

The main objective of Solitaire is to move all cards of all suits arranged in a particular order to the foundations. You win immediately once you succeed to do this. So, if you understand how to make moves right and build creative strategies, you can easily gain the set goal Visit The Website .

Solitaire Rules

  • Card ranks

The Ace (A) is considered to be number one and lowest in the series, while Jack (J), Queen (Q), and King (K) are assumed to be 11, 12, and 13 respectively. This key information is very crucial in the beginning to start building up sequences.

  • Piles and their roles
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The game’s layout involves four areas: tableau, foundations, stock, and waste.

Tableau: This is the main table with seven layers of cards, each having the card count the same as its position.

Foundations: Four spaces to gather cards sequentially from all the four suits.

Stock: The cards that are revealed one by one and are not put at the tableau in the beginning.

Waste: Some cards drawn from stock that cannot be placed in tableau or the foundations.

When you start playing any game in Solitaire online, the waste and foundation areas are empty. Once you uncover any Ace, it should be placed in its suit at the foundations to begin creating the piles that should be sequentially filled with the other cards from Deuces to Kings.

  • Movements in tableau
  • The face-up cards can be moved to other piles only when they make a sequence.
  • More than one card can be moved if they are building a sequence.
  • If a stack on tableau has no cards left, then this space can only be filled with a King.
  • Movements in stock and waste
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If there are no possible or supporting movements available inside the tableau, then a card from the stock is drawn. It can either be placed in the foundations or tableau, otherwise you may put it onto the waste area. The uppermost card of the waste pile is can also be used in the movements.


These are the main rules which most Solitaire card games work on. There are many variations of free Spider Solitaire Card Game Free Online today with some specifics, so be attentive when exploring the game you’ve chosen. When you play the game a few times, you will know how to act right to score maximum. Good luck with your attempts!