Speechless by GoDaddy

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godaddy-girl“Every year the Super Bowl sets the bar for massive swarm behavior,” according to the Trendrr blog. “There is, simply, no bigger annual water cooler event in the digital sphere.”

Well, I am sure many of you agree with this but what happens when inside such huge display of enticing media treats, some already popular company decides to make our jaws drop off?

Touchdowns, fumbles and the fact that it was the last game for Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis had to share the social media buzz during Sunday night’s Super Bowl XLVII with a less ordinary kiss — a long, slurpy, noisy one.

Go Daddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar and Web hosting provider-they offer everything you need to make a name for yourself on the Web, from domain names and website builders to complete eCommerce solutions-and they made a habit from reminding you this in the most unusual ways possible.

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This years Super Bowl commercial created shock, controversy and debates that simply inflamed the social networks, which in my opinion, was exactly what GoDaddy was looking for. I mean they hit the target and made people talk about it- in the news, on the blogosphere,  in the papers, in their daily life.

It is not out of the ordinary for GoDaddy to use the image of an attractive lady in a less usual context- this year, former girlfriend of Leo di Caprio, Bar Rafaeli shares a “scandalously” noisy kiss with actor Jesse Heiman, in a continuation of Go Daddy’s fairly new  ‘Smart meets sexy’ campaign.


Of course, after watching  the slow-motion make-out session with the nerdy tech guy- the crowd went wild- comments like “Epic Fail Godaddy.com. I wish I used you for hosting so I could fire you!” but also “If a guy like that can kiss a girl as good looking as she is… Maybe there’s hope for me…” so all in all- it made rumors, started controversies, caught the public’s eye- and in the end that is all that matters. What was even more fun is that Godaddy.com released to the press that Jesse Heiman was one of their customers long before he was chosen to play in their Ad and it took 45 shots to complete the video, after which Heiman said he felt as if he had won the “championship of men”.

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I believe the ad is pretty smart- if you skip over the disgust that you might initially feel- and that is actually intentionally induced- you understand that Godaddy.com targets the smart tech nerdy sector- those are their buyers and, undoubtedly, many were amused by the idea.

To conclude, I was impressed with the social impact this commercial has- if I could stir up my targeted public half as this commercial manages to do- I would be very happy. And, by the way, what hosting service provider are you using?:)




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