Tablets or Laptops: What to Buy?

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tablets or laptopsThe world is moving form papers to gadgets with everything on the go on electronic devices. People have to choose between gadgets and devices. In the last decades the fight was between PCs and laptops but after the launch of the tablets it has become difficult for people to choose the best suit for them. Laptop are the best choice for office work but tablets are for people with only browsing work or entertainment. Laptops give high performance and high functionality with all the features in one device. On the other hand, tablets are light weight easy to carry devices with less functions and more value for users who want a lot entertainment with little work.

The major thing that differentiates both the devices is the power to perform tasks. Tablets are not designed to perform big tasks and processing. On the other hand laptops can be upgraded according to the power requirement. Tablets are specially designed for browsing and fun. Tablets are suitable for few professional designers. Specially youth uses tablets for gaming, movies and for browsing. But having all these features it is still not suitable for heavy tasks like development, research.

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Laptops can be customized according to the needs of the user. For hardcore gamers, it can have a good gra[phic card and for professional it can have a big hard drive to keep ll he data. Laptops are good for typing as it has a big keyboard and a wide screen. This allow professional users to work with ease nd without physical stress. For indoor use. Laptop is the best device available when we talk bout heavy usage. Users can protect their laptops with laptop accessories and do not have to worry about the scratches. The only disadvantage when compared to tablet is the battery timing, which is much lesser than tablets in majority laptpops but brands have now introduced any batteries ith battery timing almost sme as the tablets.

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Tablets have a easy to use touchscreen and no physical keyboard. Its weight is much lesser than laptop and is easy to carry everywhere. Tablets have made entertainment more interactive thorgh its interface. Tablets can be used much faster and less effort is utilized to use it. Tablet mostly use android market to download all the applications and there are millions of application and games on android market. There are other markets also availablein other operating systems like in windows and Mac tablets. Tablets have a very low hard drive and cant handle big files. And comparing the specification of the tablet with the same price range laptop, tablets have a very high price. Tablets don’t have keyboards but with latest kind of laptop covers having an attached keyboard can be used as a full physical keyboard.

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Tablets and laptops have their pros and cons but the best suitable device for a uiser depends on the type of job he is doing. Many people who can afford both can use any of the devices when needed fo a specific job. But for budjet constraint people, laptop is still the best option because of the upgrading option is available.

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