How Tech Gadgets Can Help in Outdoor Activities

It is finally that time of the year when we can go outside and enjoy the nature. Even though tech gadgets are not necessary for having a nice time outdoors, I know from experience that having a proper tech gear can help you have more fun and make outdoors much safer. Today, there are many gadgets that make outdoor excursions a real vacation. Here are a couple of activities as well as gadgets you may want to bring with you.

Gadgets for hiking

There are many gadgets you can find useful when going hiking. My personal favorite is a handheld GPS with digital camera. This tool helps you map and position using the latest GPS technology. The touch screen on mine is glove compatible which makes it perfect for hiking even in the harshest conditions. Not to mention that this piece of technology also has a flashlight and an 8MP camera. Another gadget I would recommend to anyone who likes hiking is a LED Headlamp. If you are going to hike in the evening hours or during the night having a headlamp is an absolute must. Some of the best headlamps have more than 7 LED lights in them and can reach more than 25 meters. Having a headlamp also means not having to waste your smartphone or GPS battery on flashlight. Water filter straw is another great gadget I could not go hiking without. It allows me drink water directly from a stream or river, safely. It consist of various filters that clean the water before it reaches your mouth. This is a great gadget to have when going to longer hiking excursions.

Gadgets for cycling

Cycling sure is great for commuting, staying fit and fun, but in today’s world of technology you should have much more on your bike than just a bell. There are many gadgets designed especially to make cycling safer and more fun. The first thing I recommend is a wireless bicycle turn signal. This under-seat unit is battery-powered and easy to use. There is a controller on your handlebar that is wirelessly attached to the signal. My set has ultra-bright LEDs which perfectly indicate when I want to make a turn. Another thing you will definitely find useful is the GPS system. You can have a device attached to your bike and connected to the app on your smartphone. That way, you are provided with turn-by-turn navigation which is something many cyclists long for. There are many cycling apps your GPS system can integrate with such as MapMyRide or Strava. If your smartphone gets damaged during the ride make sure you turn to the professionals specialized in phone repairs. Another great gadget you can get is a portable generator that gets attached to your bicycle axle and can charge your smartphone or any other device via USB port.

Gadgets for camping

Camping definitely is an activity you simply need a couple of gadgets for. One of the best camping gadgets on the market today is a camp stove with USB charger. It works completely of the grid and all you will need to light it up are a couple of wooden sticks. Not only that it helps you prepare meals but offers you energy for your smartphone or some other devices. 

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Another thing I find quite handy when going camping is a pocket shower. It is a small pouch that can get filled with water and hung on a tree to make a real shower-like experience for the campers. When camping, you will also need a proper light source during the night. I managed to find a lamp that provides 30 days of reliable light with just a single set of batteries. Such lamps are made especially for camping, so they are encased and easy to move. Even if you get one of these, make sure everyone has a flashlight in their pockets. Make sure you choose a flashlight with maximum range and best quality. There are some which are waterproof and it takes much to break them.

All of the gadgets mentioned above are my favorites when it comes to outdoor activities. Make sure you get them all and you will have everything you need for some great adventures. Using all of these is a perfect way to mix nature with technology.

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