The Best 5 Alexa Light Switches

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With Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa your house can quickly be transformed into a smart home with all the modern gadgets you need at your fingertip. Your voice can easily command all the devices in your home and everything can be connected via Alexa through your Amazon Echo. No more worrying that someone might break into your house before you get home from work, you can ask Alexa to turn on the lights before you even get home! Oh, you went upstairs to bed but left the living room light on? No need to walk back down, Alexa can turn that light off for you from the command of your voice! Of course, you need to make sure that the devices in your residence are compatible with Alexa and lighting seems like the first device to start within your home. For Alexa to control your lights you need to ensure that your light switches can be controlled by Alexa, do not worry though we have looked through the market and found the best 5 Alexa Light Switches available for you right now.

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Turning lights on and off manually will quickly become a thing of the past and you will have full control over your homes lighting at any time! Just read on and find out about the best 5 Alexa Light Switches.

Lutron Caseta

If you are thinking of moving your lighting into the smart home world then the Lutron Caseta is a great choice. This is because it works with not only halogen lights but also with incandescent ones. It is a very simple two-button system with is very easy to program and is fully compatible with the Amazon Alexa.

TP-Link Smart

If you are looking for the cutting edge gadget for your light switch then look no further than the TP-Link HS200. When you put it on a team with Alexa you can have full control over your lights and even your ceiling fans! You can set up timers or schedules easily which will suit any family’s routine.

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GE Z-Wave 12722

The GE Z-Wave is a light switch aimed at users who want complete control and customization over their lighting settings. Not only that but it also keeps track of your energy consumption so you can set up your schedule to save money! A very easy to configure option for a light switch that gives you so much more. A great plus for this light switch is that it uses your existing wiring on its set up.

Wemo Light Switch

The Wemo light switch is built to work seamlessly with the Amazon Alexa which makes it one of our number one choices. The app it comes with is very simple to navigate and you can have it set up on timers you need very easily. You can control it with your voice or if you are feeling traditional can use it like a regular switch! Another bonus is this light switch is compatible with nest thermostats which can make your smart home even smarter!

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Insteon SwitchLinc

The Insteon SwitchLinc boasts a clean and simple look which makes it look very modern. It would be great for any residence or business. It is fully compatible with Alexa and installs into your wall just like a regular switch but it gives you the power to control your lighting or fans through voice commands. The great thing about this light switch is it can be installed and setup within a matter of minutes. Has some nice LED night lights down the side of it also so you will never miss it.

Please do let us know what Alexa light switch you will be using in your home in the comments below, we always want to hear about our readers entering the world of smarthomes!

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