The Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Wallet Cases

Samsung launched its Galaxy S9 at the end of Feb –and shipment doesn’t start until 16th of March – however, that has not stopped the first batch of protective cases from being unveiled.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is made of metal and glass, so you need to protect them

The collection of protective cases at this point is comparatively slim-pickings. However, there are several options if you are searching for either durability or fashion.

Here are the Best Galaxy S9 Wallet Cases

Spigen Slim Armor CS Wallet

Spigen is among the most reliable smartphone case companies around, and now they have made a pretty awesome wallet case for the Galaxy S9.

Spigen’s Slim Armor CS entirely conceals your credit card, so nobody knows about it. This Spigen’s Slim Armor case uses the general dual layer design. It has a flexible and soft interior TPU material, and also Spigen added a hard and durable polycarbonate plastic to the sides and the back. Nevertheless, that hard plastic possess an unseen door that glides down, revealing an opening for a card or two and some cash.

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You get trusted protection from Spigen along with the ease of a wallet at the same time.


VRS Design Hybrid Wallet


Our subsequent Galaxy S9 wallet case is extremely versatile and useful.

You can consider the VRS Hybrid wallet case simply because it can hold up to 5 cards at once. This is comparable to the Spigen wallet case since no one will know you also have your wallet with you. That way you will never lose a credit card by accident.

On the other hand, the best fragment of this rather bulky case is the durable and rugged design. Your phone is going to remain safe while you can carry up to 5 cards in private. Try it out.



VRS Design Premium PU Leather Wallet Case

Next up is a superior wallet case for the Galaxy S9 from VRS Design. VRS Design is a great brand that we use, know and trust.

VRS Design is offering this sleek wallet case in a lovely Black with red accents, coffee brown finish, or red stitching. Each wallet case has a high-end design, an elegant stitch-work, and it works with wireless charging.

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The VRS Design is not like most wallet cases, it has “faux” PU leather all over, which includes the inside where the phone essentially sits. Most low-priced wallet cases make use of a hard plastic. The VRS Design uses a soft TPU material which possesses a drop resistant feature and is also covered in PU leather. With the way it is built, every facet of the case has a soft-touch texture.

It can hold up to three ID or credit cards, including a little cash. The cards are safely kept in place by a magnetic latch.


Silk Q-Card Wallet Case

The Silk Q-Card wallet case is one of the most durable wallet cases for the Galaxy S9. It is previously known as CM4 wallet cases; it will offer you a lot of protection and amazing features.

Each Silk Q-Card wallet case can hold up to three ID or credit cards and spare cash securely.

Silk Q-Card wallet case has a grippy textured material to the outer edge of the case, make sure that your phone never drops. It also comes with a lay-flat design together with raised edges around the camera lens and screen.

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My favorite part of the Silk Q-Card wallet case is the synthetic leather material that clasps your credit cards, which is settled into the interior of the case. Do not sacrifice protection or style when you purchase a wallet case, by acquiring a Silk Q-Card.


Samsung LED View Wallet Case

This Samsung LED view wallet case usually has the edge over the competition because it possesses some pretty attractive features.

A unique feature of this wallet case is that the front cover displays LED notifications from the smartphone, allowing you to catch status updates, incoming calls, music controls and battery level, without opening it.

This Samsung LED view wallet case also has a little slot to keep your credit and ID card, making it a convenient replacement for your wallet.