Tips on How to Take Care of Your Laptop Screens

In order to enhance your motivation to take care of your Asus Laptop Screens, it is vital to understand what a screen is made of. A single screen is consists of LCD or Liquid Crystal Display. The LCD is made of individual transistors in every pixel. A panel may be composed of around 1,500,000 individual pixels. Each of these pixels is composed of a combination of LCD and transistor. When a small part is damaged, you will see a permanent mark on the screen. It cannot be repaired, and it will need a replacement.




When cleaning your laptop screens, there are several ways to maintain its shine. Many people think that they can just use anything to clean their screen, but they often end up encountering more trouble. For this, a buffer may be used to clean the display of your laptop. Buffers can be used for cleaning, and at times they are also good to use as mouse pads. For dirt or oil marks, you can use a buff to remove the stain in one motion. Wiping in several motions may create scratches on the display.

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One of the most annoying screen problems is the presence of finger prints. For one, it affects the glimmer of the display and they can be hard to deal with. Avoid using paper towels and rough fabrics for cleaning. This may only tend to make the condition of your screen worse. Dust pieces may stick together with the print, and if you use a rough fabric for cleaning, it may just end up scratching the screen display. Make sure to use soft cloth or laptop screen cleaner for an assured cleaning process. You can also purchase a professional laptop screen cleaner for your unit, or perhaps buy a screen protection shield to prevent particles from sticking and scratching your screen.


When using certain substances, avoid alcoholic cleaners, especially if you are not aware of the amount that needs to be applied for cleaning. Ammonia should never be used since it may give your screen a yellow stain. When using cleaning liquids, never spray onto the screen directly. Spray into a fabric and wipe the screen evenly and softly. Make sure to control the amount of liquid in the fabric. The liquid should not leave any wet stains and marks on the screen.

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Aside from dust and dirt, your screen may also be damaged if you are not careful in touching and poking it. For instance, if you are using your laptop to explain something, perhaps during a presentation, never use any pointed objects to point on the screen. Also, make sure that your laptop does not get pressed too hard when placed inside bag. Indeed, proper maintenance and care is highly recommended. Doing so will protect you from unnecessary expenses for repair, or much more, for a complete replacement of your laptop screen. In your laptop’s case, prevention is still way better than repair. Helunhan is the author of this article on Laptop Screens. Find more information on proper care for laptop screens here.