Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories

If you wonder how you could make the Samsung Galaxy S6 even more attractive check out a selection of the top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories.

Anker® 10000mAh External Battery Power Bank

Enthusiastic about your new gadget? Most certainly you will run out of battery while checking all its amazing features, installing favourite apps and showing off in front of your friends. Since the more power, the better, this 2nd generation, 10000mAh portable charger, external battery power bank from Anker provides you a much appreciated autonomy. It can charge a large-capacity phone like the Galaxy S6 almost four times.


27.99$ (-65%)

High Grade Car Dash Holder

If you want to make the most of your work commute, a dash holder is a great way. Put your sleek S6 to work, hands free with this adjustable,  360 degree rotating holder. You can navigate easily, contribute to your vlog or Skype with your family/friends/business partners. It can be mounted on the windshield or dashboard area.

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19.99$ (-20%)

Premium Genuine Leather Wallet Case

Many cases provide high quality protection but few take into consideration the looks. This premium, genuine leather wallet case is a stunner. It also works as a stand and the hand strap makes it easy to use as an elegant accessory. There are 4 colors available to help you customize your experience: black, dark brown, purple and chestnut.



45.00$ (-27%)

myLife Dim Running Armband

Healthy habits pay off! Take your new Samsung Galaxy S6 for a jog with this smart bargain from myLife Brand Products. It is water resistant (100% prevents against rain, snow, sweat, etc). The adjustable strap makes it a great fit for arm circumference from 10.2 inches(26cm) to 17.3 inches (44cm). It only fits the S6 and comes with true lifetime warranty that is good for one free replacement during the course of the original buyers’ life.



MoKo Universal Waterproof Case

Spring break knocks at the door and besides wild parties it also brings swimming, diving, drifting, surfing and mountaineering. If you want to protect but also make the most of your S6, the Moko universal waterproof case is a perfect accessory. It doubles as an armband.

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7.95$ (-73%)