Top 9 Tablets That Would Be Perfect For Student Life

The beginning of college or university is an incredibly exciting time in a student’s life. It’s your first step towards your future career and adult life, and though daunting, this change is very much looked forward to. However, before heading off for college or university, you have to make some necessary preparations. Everyone buys cute notebooks and pens, but to be honest, in this day and age, barely anyone uses them. Students prefer using one simple, portable device they can carry around with them that has all of their work and entertainment saved in it. Not only will this eliminate the need for a bulky backpack, but it will also ensure you never lose any of your notes. Most students prefer getting laptops for such purposes, but even those are quite big and unnecessary. The newer tablets can easily replace a laptop in terms of power and usability.

It is important to remember, though, that when you enter this phase in your life, you will probably have to write an essay or assignment almost every other day. So, get good tablets for a school that make doing assignments easy. If, however, you’re too overwhelmed with essay writing, you may find yourself thinking, “who can write my essay?” Luckily, you can always get a professional team of essay writers online to help. We’ve all been there, trust me, even I’ve had some help with my essay writing during college days. In fact, you can even get an essay writer free of cost on some exclusive websites.

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However, if you want to be able to write your essay, take down notes, have all your notes and pdf files in one place, and have entertainment on the go for those free periods, then check out our list of the best tablets for school students.

9 Of The Best Tablets For Students!

1.Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft is the most reliable company to depend upon for students. Their notebook/tablet hybrids are the perfect tablets for school. Not only is their design sleek and impeccable, but their user interface is friendly, and they have plenty of multitasking and storage capacity as well. The Microsoft Surface Go is one of the most popular tablets with students because of its extended battery life, low weight, and ample storage capacity.

2.Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft has really stepped up its game with the introduction of its Microsoft Surface Pro 7. This super powerful notebook/tablet hybrid is a lot like its predecessors in terms of easy usability and reliability. However, this new version is undeniably a brilliant upgrade with its convertible form-factor, expansive RAM, and a new generation processor. A robust yet sleek tablet/notebook hybrid built for the modern student.

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3.Lenovo Tab 4 Plus

If you’re looking for something good but budget-friendly, then Lenovo’s Tab 4 Plus is your best bet. This versatile tablet has more than enough power, storage capability, and features to make it into our list of good tablets for school. The screen has two layers of protective glass covering to prevent any scratches or damage, and the full HD display means you get to view all your videos in great detail.

4.Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S5e is another good tablet for school students. Students can easily attach a keyboard to the tablet and turn it into a powerful PC as well. Some of its prime features include seamless Samsung connectivity, a multitasking mode, and DeX, which converts your tablet into a Personal Computer. All in all, this is an excellent choice for tablets for school.

5.Apple iPad Pro

If money is no object, then Apple’s iPad Pro is the most innovative, sleek, modern, and powerful tablet on our list. Brimming with cutting edge technology, a large Retina display with high resolution and a whopping 256GB-1TB of storage space! Running on Apple’s latest iOS apple claims that its iPad Pro is faster than 92% of all portable notebooks sold in the past year.

6.Apple iPad 2019

If you’re looking for the same features as the iPad Pro but want a more compact and slightly less expensive option, then Apple’s latest iPad released in 2019 might just be the one for you. The new iPad has similar features to its predecessor but is lighter, more compact, and less expensive. Of course, its power and storage are lower as well, but more than enough for daily school use.

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7.Fire HD 10

Amazon’s Kindle was a huge success in the market and picking up on the same concept of an affordable, multipurpose tablet. Amazon has released its Fire HD series. Having an elegant outer casing and straight forward, no fuss technology, Amazon’s Fire HD 10 from its series a wonderful option for good tablets for school.

8.Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Another slightly pricy option, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3’s hefty price tag is justified by its excellent features and specs. A superfast processor, exceptional HDR video playback abilities, and inbuilt AKG-tuned quad speakers are just some of the impressive features this brilliant tablet contains. The tablet also includes an S Pen for quick and efficient note-taking.

9.Samsung Galaxy Tab A

One of the best affordable tablets currently on the market, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A is a versatile, all-purpose tablet great for school use. A color-rich and large 10.1-inch IPS screen with high resolution allow you to view all your images and videos with great effect. Ample space and processing speed makes this tablet great for storing and taking notes.


Tablets are handy devices for students to use in school. The newer generation tablets are powerful enough even to replace some notebooks. If you’re starting your college or university life and are on the lookout for good tablets for school, refer to our helpful guide to pick out a notebook that best suits your needs!