Top Picks: Android Security Apps

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Over the past weeks, Android users have been growing restless about their privacy and security amid the news about the system’s vulnerability to malware attacks, specifically the dreaded Trojan. With its name derived from the infamous Trojan War, the malware attacks the system by first masking as a legitimate application. Once it is installed, it can access and misuse personal data such as passwords, account numbers, etc.

With studies showing that roughly 80% of malware attacks are directed at Android, users will of course be alarmed. But don’t fret just yet as Android users need not dispose their gadgets just because of this scandal. Aside from Google’s commitment to stay on top of this, there are a lot of ways on how this can be prevented. The simplest way of raising the wall of defence is getting Android Security Apps. Here are the top picks:

Webroot Mobile Security

This Android security app brings online protection to your Android device by eliminating malicious applications and blocks harmful websites from being accessed from your phone or tablet. It also protects the privacy (includes passwords and account details) when you unfortunately get your device stolen. This is perfect for users who access log-on to social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, and business apps like RingCentral and Dropbox. You’d be happy to know that it’s for free.

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Mind Wallet

MindWallet gives Android users a storage facility for their different sensitive information. It is like a “safe” or vault for all your passwords. This app includes a military grade 128-bit AES encryption, inactivity timeout, restore function and others. All you need to have is one master password to have this app, and it’s free!

Trend Micro Mobile Security

If you are a busy and fast-paced person who likes to do banking transactions through your reliable gadget, you might want to get this app. Trend Micro Mobile security protects your banking and other digital files from being compromised. This app will give you a download protection, identity protection, malware inspection, parental control, call & text filtering, and anti-phishing attacks. All of these can be experienced for a free trial or subscribe to annual fee of a minimal $1.99 for premium access.

Anti-virus Pro

The protection Anti-virus Pro gives you will let you free your mind from worrying about malware, app viruses, and spam messages. The apps, settings, files and different media can be scanned by this security app for Android gadgets. And if you are prone to losing your phone, you will be able to track your phone’s location with the help of Google Maps. Eliminating malwares that make your phone or tablets running slow is another priority of this app. More security measures and features can be at your hands for only $9.99.

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If you need a manager for your data and passwords, this is the Android security app for you. mSecure offers you a convenient and secure solution to keep information on your Android gadget without the risk from malwares and hackers. mSecure can also safely store sensitive information like credit card numbers, banking transactions details, social security number, vault PIN and other sensitive figures that you don’t want to be traced by hackers. This app uses an industry-proven security data encryption method which is available to you for only $5.99.


McAfee, which has been known for quite some time in the field of digital security, is the developer of WaveSecure. With that, you already know that it is a reliable app that can protect your data in your phone or tablet. It will ensure privacy in case your gadget gets stolen and enhances the chances of its recovery. After a free trial, it costs $19.90 per year.

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