Trick to Find and See Hidden Folders in Macbook

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hidden-filesHey , here is a macbook trick , to help you find and view hidden folder in your macbook using Terminal. As there are a lot of hidden folders and files that may be invisible to you , and made hidden from you on your mac. This is done , so that you do not accidentally delete or change or delete important data , that might be essential to your macbook working, and so that it works well.

But sometimes , you may need to access some of the hidden files , so that you can have and edit the hidden files and using Macbook’s file system.You could do it , using a application called Terminal.


Follow these steps:

  • Launch the Terminal Application. Do this by /Applications/Utilities/.
  • Enter in the following commands into the Terminal Window. Enter the return key after each line of text.

“defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE”

“killall Finder ”

By entering the above commands into the application , it will show you the hidden files on your macbook.  The first line of the code , will tell the application to find display all the files , and the second line tells the finder to stop and restart. After seeing you can again make the files and folders hidden in Macbook.

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Hide the Clutter:

  • Launch the terminal again.
  • But this time paste the code below.

“defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE ”


“killall Finder ”

And by this steps , all the hidden files and folders will vanish again. This was a simple and short trick on how could you find and access some system’s hidden files and folders. 😉 Hope this was useful 🙂


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