Ubuntu Smartphone OS – What’s So Special About It?

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Ubuntu has long been one of the most popular open-source operating systems available in the entire world. Ubuntu and Linux have found themselves installed in a variety of different devices but have never officially had their own mobile phone device specifically made to run using this operating system. Ubuntu is extremely popular around the world and there is no reason why it would not be an extremely popular option to run on a smart phone as well. Many people are very used to using this operating system on their own home computers, so there is a definite demand to have it in a mobile version.


The vision of Ubuntu for the phone

Essentially what Ubuntu is attempting to accomplish with this phone, is to create a mobile phone device that can perform just as well as any computer that is running the Ubuntu operating system. As new devices come out many people are replacing their PCs with their mobile device for web browsing and many other actions. Eventually what could end up happening, is a specialized dock whereby people can simply bring their phone with them, and then dock up the Ubuntu smart phone to access it using a larger screen like a PC. This is the future that Ubuntu envisions, portable desktop computers. This current version will turn into a desktop computer when using this special Ubuntu phone dock.

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Overall the phone comes with a fairly large touchscreen, excellent functionality and plenty of computing power. This new smart phone can easily compete with just about any other on the market including those that run the android operating system and those that run iOS. Some people may be a bit hesitant to change from these devices however, unless they are hard-core Linux users at heart. This phone will complete any action that any other high-powered smart phone would be able to complete and within the same timeframe. It has a quad core processor and the operating system is created with the minimalist eye keeping the phone extremely quick at all times.


Because of HTML 5 users can create their own desktop web apps as well as their own games they can run on the smart phone. Many HTML 5 web applications and detailed webpages will also load in fantastic clarity and functionality using this new smart phone operating system.

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For users who already have powerful smart phones, or are locked into contracts, it is possible to use this new operating system with any android device. Because the operating system uses some similar drivers and kernels from android you can switch from running the Google operating system to Ubuntu without having to change any of the hardware within the phone.

Why is It Special and Competitive

Ultimately what Ubuntu can offer up is real customization and progress for smart phones. Because the entire operating system features a graphical interface it is easy to use but also fully customizable. No other phone on the market has an operating system that offers this level of customization. Being able to easily use your phone like an Ubuntu desktop is also an interesting new feature that could make this an attractive buy as well. For those who have been loyal to Ubuntu for many years this new phone and operating system for mobile devices, will certainly be a turning point for their mobile devices.

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