USB-C Dock Power and Charge Measurements and Capabilities on Macbook Pro 15

Lon.TV has made a very interesting video where is measuring a 60 Watt USB-C Dock against the Macbook Pro 15  87 watt power adapter to see how is handling the charge part with the CPU and GPU test. In the test, a Kavalan USB Type-C Power Meter Monitor, OLED Multimeter Charging Tester for V & A & Watts, Bi-Direction...  is used to measure the amps and watts that are used.

Also, an app is used in measuring the real-time charge for the battery while the dock and Apple charger is used, the app is Battery Health.

Lon wants to see if there is any performance impact when using a 60 Watt USB-C Dock instead of the Apple Power adapter that comes with MacBook Pro 15. Watch the video in case you are interested to see the differences and see how a USB-C Dock is doing:

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