USB Powered E-Mail Notifier

Technology is always looking for new ways to increase people’s productivity and help them with their everyday activities.

However, there are some tech gadgets out there that are simply odd and bizarre, like this USB Powered E-Mail Notifier.

The WebMail Notifier has pretty light and optional sound alert software to tell you when you have email on one or all of your accounts.It supports all of the bigger e-mail service providers such as Gmail and Yahoo, as well as any POP3 service, meaning it also works with pretty much every office e-mail server.

“Now when you sneak off to the bathroom to check personal emails on your Blackberry, your trip will definitely not be wasted,” it says on the official website.

Looking at all your desktop push notifications, sound notifications, your smartphone’s sound, LED and vibrating notifications, one must ask himself “what is the use of such a strange device?”

The answer is – there is no use. It’s a simple box, looking like an oversized envelope that lights up when you get an email and just gets in the way of more important things on your desk.

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It’s the perfect gift for your annoying work colleagues, and it costs $6.55.

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