Using Windows 8 Themes on older Windows

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Windows 8 Themes on older WindowsWindows 8 is a great success of Microsoft. The features , specially speaking of the Multitasking leisure of the Windows 8 is most awesome. And moreover the version of windows is personalized alot to make the user experience better and good. Definitely Windows 8 rules out every other Microsoft OS till now , and beats it’s competitors by many factors , and in many aspects. But that is not the main target of this post.

Talking of the technology , what if I say that you could run the Windows 8 themes in older version of windows like, Windows 7 or Windows XP. Amazed right? But hell yeah , it is true. So in this post I would teach how you could install any Windows 8 theme you like in Windows 7 or Windows XP. The new Windows 8 themes are packages as .deskthemepack , but by this trick you could install them on Windows 7 or Windows XP.

So you might be knowing that the official portal for Windows 8 Thems is on and it has alot of mid boggling themes that mkae your PC more personalized and way too good according to you. So let’s start.

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Generally Windows themes have .themepack but Windows 8 theme files have .deskthemepack as there extension. But do not worry , you can open this kind of file using 7 Zip or any other similar utility, but for this go with 7 Zip. So if you don’t have one , install it.  Press F2 key , to change the extension of the file to .7Z by renaming it. By doing this you can right-click these files and you can extract the included wallpapers on your desktop. Probably now you could use these files to make background individually or put it one folder and access them from the properties and then choosing them in the desktop options.

So this was a short post , on how to choose Windows 8 Theme Backgrounds in older versions of windows like Windows 7 or Windows XP. So , I hope it helped , and you like it. Do not forget to share it , if it’s Worth it. 🙂

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