Website Designing – Do’s And Don’ts Of Logo Designing

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Logo, the identity of any business, needs attention when it comes to designing. Not every web designer can create effective logos, but only professional ones. It needs right selection of colors, fonts, images, and lines to make the logo effective enough to get the right response from the targeted customers. What to consider while designing a logo and what to avoid? This article will deal specifically with those things.

Things To Follow

A web designer should follow the following things while designing for a logo.

 Simplicity Should Be There

A simple logo will let the visitors remember your business and will cause them coming again and again at your website. A logo shouldn’t be a ground for testing the typography skills, but test of the way you design and present the business image in front of the targeted customers. There is no need to mention the name of the company at the logo design, as sometimes it just conveys the message what company that is, like for Nike, simple logo tells people what it is. Also, make it clear that the logo is just an insignia, it shouldn’t be a manifesto.

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Innovative And Dynamic Design

Logo design shouldn’t be static, but dynamic. However, innovation should also be there in the design so as to appeal to the targeted customers. Flexible approach in logo designing not only keeps it dynamic, but it also helps in bringing changes as and when required. A logo design having diversity better deals with the diverse preferences of the customers.


A logo should appear the same at different platforms like it should appear same at a billboard, at a coffee mug, at posters, and even at websites. The logo of Apple is the best example of versatility, as it looks great regardless of the color scheme.


A unique logo design stays in the minds of targeted customers. It also displays the brand image of the business and helps in building stronger brand identity. It’s actually a test of the creative designers to come up with something stunning.


Design of the logo should be meaningful. Every single line, every text, every images used in the logo should have some meaning. There lies the beauty of any logo design and that helps in attracting the targeted customers. A logo that carries not only the fine line, appealing content, but also deeper meanings, will surely help in attracting the visitors who are the prospective customers.

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Things To Avoid

While designing a logo, a designer should avoid the following things.

Underestimating The Colors

Designers, who are not professionals, ignore the significance of right use of colors. They don’t know how to make the design looking clean with fair use of the colors. While using the colors, one should know the targeted audiences, the products or services offered, and the expected objectives from the logo.

Innovation Crossing Boundaries

Innovation is good, but excess of it is bad for the logo. A designer should work like an artist who put maximum efforts to connect innovation with functionality.

Not Customizing The Typography

Among thousands of available options, it’s the job of a designer to choose the best one that enhances the look and feel of the logo.

A professionally designed logo is not just helpful for the business image, but also attracts more visitors and helps in more conversions. A website designing firm can be hired for designing the logo of a business. Only experts can understand what it means to have an influential logo design.

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