What Are Lean Six Sigma Certifications: LSSBB, LSSGB and LSSYB?

Lean Six Sigma is an advanced set of techniques and tools that actively helps in the improvement of processes and procedures related to the workflow of an organization. The main motto of the Lean Six Sigma certifications is to validate and tally the skillset of people who can identify the issues pertaining to the workflow of an organization. This helps in rectifying the flaws within the business and removes them to make it productive. There are multiple levels of skills for the Six Sigma certifications and are as follows:

  1. Yellow Belt Six Sigma Certification
  2. Green Belt Six Sigma Certification
  3. Black Belt Six Sigma Certification

The certification is given out to the individuals to possess skills of determining errors within a business workflow by accreditation bodies like the ASQ (American Society for Quality). The skill levels of Six Sigma certifications are as follows:

Yellow Belt Certification – The certification is given out to individuals after they cover all the aspects of improvement procedures and related metrics at the basic level of the Lean Six Sigma Methodologies.

Green Belt Certification – The individuals, who are well accustomed with the basic improvement steps for the business workflow and also know how to develop charts, creating a mapping structure, using statistical measures for improvement, plan and controlling, and working with a team to eliminate all errors and issues in a workflow are awarded Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.

Black Belt Certification – The certification is given to individuals, who are able to understand regressions, conduct experiments at the factorial level, calculate and determine size while experimenting with proper analysis, and several processes related to optimization.

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What Makes the Lean Six Sigma Certifications Popular?

The Lean Six Sigma targets the errors and flaws in the application workflow within businesses. The popularity of Lean Six Sigma certifications is because people are versed and trained with a huge number of techniques and tools that effectively determines flaws within an organization irrespective of its size Click Here to Get Discount.

Why Pass the Lean Six Sigma Certifications?

Individuals have the desire to gain the Lean Six Sigmacertifications because the training leads to ultimate professionalizing and having a huge grip on the quality workflow functions within a business workflow. People also look forward to the terminology of ranking that is awarded according to the skill set of individuals; this is done in hierarchical levels that guide an individual towards the path of their career in the improvement of business functioning at each individual level.

Methods to Pass Lean Six Sigma Certifications

There are a lot of methods to obtain the Lean Six Sigma certifications, and some of the beneficial tips are as follows:

  • Individuals can test themselves with the help of practice sets available.
  • Study guides for Lean Six Sigma can be utilized.
  • The online and offline certification courses can be availed by individuals to understand the pattern of the certification.
  • One must be well-acquainted with Six Sigma Methodologies.
  • Online discussion forums can be joined, and blogs can be read for gaining all relevant information about the certification.
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Details of Lean Six Sigma Certifications

The strategies of Lean Six Sigma tend to improve the output quality of the processes within a business workflow. The strategies effectively help in analyzing, tracking, and eliminating the root causes of the errors that pertain to the system. Variability is minimized and eliminated in the process of manufacturing within a business. The methods used to certify individuals consist of statistical and empirical methods which help in the creation of an advanced infrastructural system within a firm and its working pattern. There is a fixed set of norms associated with sequential steps targeting specific values that helps in the reduction of timespan, pollution, cost and increases productivity, profits, and customer satisfaction to the fullest.

Experiences of Passing the Lean Six Sigma Certifications

People who are certified with the Lean Six Sigma have proclaimed that the management of time for the certification is of utmost importance which in return greatly influences the chances of passing and obtaining the certification. Few tips, references, and strategies can help in getting the certification and ascertain the level of success.

Lean Six Sigma Certifications Training Courses

  • Practicing mock tests available online and offline.
  • Downloads for Lean Six Sigma certifications from Prepaway.com.
  • Practice sets and exams by ExamCollection.com.
  • Practice exam conducted by Pass4sure.com.
  • ASQ exam for Six Sigma Black Belt Certification by Exam-Labs.com.
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Are Lean Six Sigma Certifications Practice Sets Useful?

The practice materials and tests available online and the study guides, books, and references that are available offline helps an individual to understand the pattern of the exam in a better way. Referring to the right set of practice materials guides an individual to the best path to career success. Mentor and guide devices are also useful at several stages while preparation.

Things to Know About Lean Six Sigma Certifications

  • Six Sigma Certified individuals are effective to work in a team who can cause improvements to the working pattern within a firm.
  • The certified individuals effectively understand and help in solving problems and issues through a quality approach.
  • DMAIC phases are implemented within the Lean Six Sigma Methodology.
  • For every individual level of the Lean Six Sigma certifications, materials and resources are available that aids as tools towards describing the methods and terminologies of the certification.

Ten Best Books to Pass Lean Six Sigma Certifications

  1. Six Sigma by the Council for Six Sigma Certification
  2. Lean Six Sigma by Lee Campe.
  3. Lean Six Sigma Service Excellence by Gerald Taylor.
  4. A Guide to Six Sigma and Process Improvement by Howard Richard J. Melnyck and S. Gitlow.
  5. The Forge by Marc D. Crepeaux and Joseph Studios.
  6. Lean Six Sigma Management System by Carlo Reato and Luis Socconini.
  7. Integrated Enterprise Excellence by Forrest W. Breyfogle 3.
  8. Solutions Manual by Forrest W. Breyfogle 3.
  9. Leaner Six Sigma by Terra Vanzant Stern.
  10. Simple Lean Six Sigma by Richard A. Ogden and Stanley D. Prueitt.

Final Word

The Lean Six Sigma certifications aid the growth of career for an individual at a must faster speed. The pay scale goes higher with the level of certification obtained and exponentially multiplies. Certified individuals are knowledgeable and confident to solve all associates business flaws and working processes within an organization. There is a high demand for the certification in the present era.