What Are Surface Mount Devices & Why Are They Beneficial?

Surface-mount technology has been present since the 1980s. It is the standard assembly of printed circuit boards. Many companies that are assembling electronic devices have been acquiring benefits from other companies that are producing surface mounted technologies. It has a wide array of advantages and benefits offered to many people over the years.

It is a type of method of production for electronic circuit’s components that are placed or mounted directly on to the upper layer of printed circuit boards. This method produces an electronic device that is called a Surface Mount Devices or SMD. It has replaced the through-hole technologies constructed for fitting components. The through-hole technology method is being constructed with wire leads that are placed in holes of the circuit board.

What Are Its Benefits In Terms Of Manufacturing?

There are now devices of all types and nature that are being innovated and produced every year. Remember the time when televisions and computer monitors have large humps on their backs? Over the years it has evolved and has been replaced with flat screens and mostly offered in bigger dimensions.

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Also, do you remember the time when the first cellphone was released to the community? It was big, bulky, and has antennas to receive signals from cell sites and it was quite expensive to buy devices back in then.

The technology has innovated over the years and even produced in bulk to provide people with cheaper and more efficient devices. This where the manufacturers of Surface mount technology take place because they made the raw materials of a device cheaper and trouble-free click here.

Listed below are the benefits of surface mount technology in terms of manufacturing:

  • Reduces Production Cost – Because of the circuit boards that do not need to undergo a method or process called through-hole technology that was once used on any electronic devices produced before the method of surface mounting technology (SMT) was discovered, costs for production has become cheaper and electronic technicians somehow gets work done easily and save a lot of time by SMT method.
  • Domino Effect On Reduced Production Cost And Simplifies Its Process – Acquiring raw materials at a cheaper price means that materials handling cost is also reduced and manufacturing processes are controlled.
  • Carry-Safe And Space-Saver Electronic Devices Are Produced – Circuit boards that are constructed with wire leads placed in its holes require being a bigger dimension, however, Surface Mount Devices is mounted directly on to the upper layer of printed circuit boards. Thus it does not require the boards to be bigger than expected. 
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Circuits boards are used to any type of device, you can mostly find it in your computers, laptops, speakers, televisions, etc. It just goes to show that SMT costs less than devices that have circuit boards that have gone to a through-hole method.

Does It Have Disadvantages To It?

You can’t just have it all. Of course, every advantage also has its disadvantages and we cannot avoid these things. However, you may find this as a tip to somewhat avoid having these situations. Listed below are the disadvantages of the popular method:

  • Small In Its Size – Electronic technicians sometimes cannot avoid to easily drop or damaged the components when installed because of its size that is smaller compared to the old boards being produced. Learn more here: You can visit this website to find out more: http://makerfab.blogspot.com/2018/10/advantages-disadvantages-of-surface.html.
  • Power Might Be Also Small – Battery-operated devices drain energy faster because of these boards. Still, what are the odds? It’s rather a choice between convenience and longevity. Depending on the manufacturer, this may not be a problem at all, however.
  • Tends To Complicate The Process And Inspection For Novices – Having numerous wires jointly soldered and the fact that it is miniaturized can be a disadvantage on using surface mounted devices.
  • Bigger Investment Cost On Equipment – Of course, this may be seen as a disadvantage to using it, especially when producing components for bigger equipment.
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As I have stated above, you can’t have it all. In any business, staying on top of everything and being responsible enough to watch your production process is a must to produce only products of high quality.